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Thread: When leaving the cave.

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    When leaving the cave.

    I see may room as kind of cave like, there is a little bit of sun light that shines through. Its very quiet and no one bothers me, I think they are AFRAID to knock on my door. Because yeah, I can be a scary person.

    I think am getting better, or at least I hope. I had nothing to eat or drink in my fridge, so I went to the store. Which I don't like going places when I am sick because people irritate me and I lose my patience when I don't feel good.

    lol I guess I'm kinda anti-social, whenever there were people in my way just talking in the isle, I would cough and say "Boy! This swine flu is killing me." And wallah! They disappear, it was pretty great.

    Which I don't know what I have, I suppose its some kind of cold or flu that makes you cough your heart out. Found some pretty awesome cough medication, so its not been too bad.

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    Re: When leaving the cave.

    LOL, that swine flu routine works everytime. I also get what you mean, if I need to leave the house and I'm in a certain mood, I'm like "I dont want to...I'd have to see people..."
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    Re: When leaving the cave.

    Psh, my room IS a cave.

    It has my very essence in there. Things happen in that room that never occur outside of it (I'm talking about object-reactions, btw).
    There's sunlight in there, but only through the blinds. I prefer to keep it cool but it always ends up warm (all the thick fabrics mixed with my body heat).

    But it's my retreat. From everything else. From the rest of the world.
    Once you're in there and stay there for a while, you'll realize it has a completely different feeling than everywhere else you've been. It feels...... isolated, closed off, and follows its own rules.

    It feels that way to anyone who's been in there long enough.

    You really feel like you've escaped your problems once you get in there.
    ......except for one thing: I don't let anyone in there.
    Only a select few can enter that domain. I prefer to keep it that way.
    Letting someone into my room is like letting them know me in a much more intimate level.
    And in all honesty, I prefer not to let anyone that close (except for Abu).

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