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Thread: Working the System.

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    Working the System.

    I talked to this lady today at work, who was totally trying to work the system. She was calling me stupid and all these names, trying to make me doubt myself so she could get her way. Its kinda funny after the millionth person who tries that approach, I've got way too much tenure to give in, and take it personal these days.

    Don't get me wrong, I try to find a solution to every customer I speak with regardless of how nice they are. Because its my job to find some middle ground between the customer and the company. Some people are greedy and want it all, frankly they don't deserve it all, no matter how much they complain/cry/whine.

    When I was new at my job, I remember talking to some of the worse people ever, people would try to get inside my head to bring me down. I would get so frustrated, I had nightmares of people yelling at me for the first 6 months of my job.

    All the verbal abuse I have taken over the years, now I'm numb to it all. When people curse me out, I find it funny. I learned how to communicate better to people, and explain things.
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    Re: Working the System.

    You just don't care anymore, simple as that is it not mademoiselle

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    Re: Working the System.

    no, Zev does care. she cares very much. she just knows how to deal with bullsh!t now~

    good job Zev! !

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    Re: Working the System.

    Yeah, I used to work in collections for small business and corporate cards and I got all kinds of verbal abuse over the year I was working there. I got it all from being called "stupid" to being straight cussed out and even had people trying to pull the wool over my eyes by giving me a list of their personal problems--trying to make me think they're an exception. Like they're better or worse than anyone else who owed the bank money. ^_^

    It's good to see that you handle situations the way you do. I think I can handle the BS pretty well, but I'm still working on it. I got in trouble at that job one time because some guy was cussing me out and claiming that we were callin' him like 20 times a day and--upon review of the notes--we had only called him like three times a month. So, I asked him, "Are you high??" and my supervisor chewed me out, LOL.

    Kudos, Zev!

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