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Thread: The worst time of the year.

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    The worst time of the year.

    I'm talking about tax season, I hate taxes. Like I honestly don't want to read the boring paperwork, like I think the IRS should just figure out the taxes and issue you a check automatically, instead of making people pay other people to get their refund, or us having to be confused/frustrated doing your own taxes. It just isn't right.

    There is just so much you have to know, I started out doing mine through the work book, then I had questions so I went online. When I did my taxes on paper I came out about $400 less of a refund, than when I did my taxes online with a program.

    I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to taxes! Thus I think the IRS should automatically do them for everyone, it would make life easier. I think I was the last person I know of to file my taxes because I hate it, its a big headache.
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