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Thread: Black Lagoon Manga

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    Black Lagoon Manga

    So which one do you perfer? The manga or anime? I haven't read the manga yet but I've read some chapters at the bookstore. I thought the art wouldn't be as good as in the anime but I ended up being surprised and enjoyed it so I can't really decide. Hopefully when I'm done with all my other anime series and manga list I'll be able to read it.
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    Re: Black Lagoon Manga

    The manga easily. We'll have to wait and see what the new anime season brings though, it's certainly no slouch either. It's reasonably faithful and the production values are high.

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    Re: Black Lagoon Manga

    the manga is on my list of future purchases, after i get caught up with berserk(so expensive)....i personally love Revy, she kicks so much butt, and plan on getting a cosplay of her eventually.

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