I'll be starting from the first time we saw the one claiming that he is madara (tobi)

1.there is a chance that zetso didnt know that tobi was madara (he was created by madara so he know's madara but madara maybe didnt tell him that he will be tobi), because the of the way they acted when we first saw them , zetso was kind of bossy to him even when they were alone .

2.if he was the real madara why cant he use ems , even when he controlled the kyubi after when naruto was born , he controled the kyube with a normal sharingan .

3. the masked madara is obviously not human , u remember before the fight btwn danzo and sauske , when madara was fighting those guards and touched the one with the parasites and took of his arm , that hand didnt even look like a human arm , it was like white jelly , and before u know it right after that battle he got a brand new arm

4.if he was the real madara why did he lose , he had the EMS , susano , amatrasue , teleportation why did he lose to hashirama (1st hokage) who had only the wood style .

5.the rinnegan that madara said he gave to nagato , when was his chance to implant the rinnegan when nagato was so young and if the rinnegan was his why didnt he implant it on himself , and why did he only choose nagato

6.why does zetso still calling the masked madara "tobi" when everyone already know's that tobi is madara & kisame calls him mizokage

7.when in the world did madara have a chance to get some of hashiramas cell's when he was in a hell of a fight

8.why is black zetso the only one of his kind

9. why doesnt he open a for his other eye (some people think he doesnt have another eye but we saw it when he was fighting konan)

10.where did konan go wrong when she blew those billions of explosive tags

11. when did he make yahiko do the akatski

12.why didnt HE be the leader of akatski instead of yahiko and nagato

13.why is he waring a mask ,

14. if he was madara but he transferred to another body what happened to his old body and if he has the same techneque as orochimaru why doesnt he need a body once in a while .

15.why doesnt he teleport to naruto to get the kyubi from him instead of using the old fashine way (running & jumping)

16.why doesnt he remove the mask

17.why didnt he start his plan before this moment

18.why did he anounce that he will do a 4th ninja war , wont it be easier for him to do a sneak attack instead of announce to the world that he will be doing war (kind of like naruto though) , it would've been easier for him to fight the fire country alone instead of all of the countries

19.why did he fake his death to hashirama

20.why does he want to destroy konoha

21.why in the world is he still alive

22.why did he really need nagato , and why didnt he use him for his need from before

23.why does he care about sauske so much

24.how is he immortal

25.why did kabuto leave trials for anko to follow him to the hiding place of madara

26.why cant it be izuna who is under the mask (its the only reason for him not to go to EMS mode , he did give madara his eyes but that doesnt mean he will die , he has alot of sharingans so he used them

27.they never said that the sotp sons died maybe one of them survived then when kabuto showed him to madara

28.i dont think that the revived madara was kabuto's trump card because the trump card wouldve been let untill kabuto is in danger from madara

29.why the F U C K does kishimoto likes to confuse us so much

30.why dont they release MW3 already