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Thread: Best Naruto Shippuden Battle?

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    Best Naruto Shippuden Battle?

    What do you think is the best battle in Naruto manga up till now?
    I think Shikamaru and Kakashi vs Hidan and Kakuzou is the best one.This fight mixes good display of tijutsue, ninjutsue, and strategy all in one. And there wasn't to much scenes that took away from this fight too.I mean, no so much extra recall scenes

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    Re: Best Naruto Shippuden Battle?

    i think the battle between sasuke and killer bee was definetly one of the best it included incredible taijutsu skills from from both characters which i was not expecting before their battle began and also the awesome teamwork that sasuke jugo and suigetsu portrayed was amazing!!!!plus we finally got the sneak peek of sasukes mangekyo sharingan and the crazy stuff he can do with it.

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