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Thread: Character Appreciation Thread

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    Character Appreciation Thread

    Got this idea from other forum.

    This is where we praise our favorites and our not-so-favorities in their individual qualities that make them so damn interesting. We can fanboy all we want about our favorite character here.

    Lets be honest, nearly every character Kishi makes has some great qualities to show off, things to adore, things to respect, things to commend.

    So mongrels! State your character that you appreciate, and give a little detail why. For bonus points, try to focus on a character you don't always approve of/isn't your favorite. Try to elaborate about your character, the length of your post is as long as your appreciation toward your character. Also because I don't want this thread to turn into spam thread.

    PLEASE no BASHING of characters or other users.


    though most people do not like her, but pay more attention to her, guys, she is a good girl. She bright, pretty, and learn the medical skill, and she love sasuke, never change. she adore Naruto, and she looks him as her best friend. (as a girl who fall in love, she will become reasonless, but that means she love sasuke deeply)
    in her inner thought, the love is pure, and love can not cheat their hearts.

    Sakura is the honest girl.
    How to reach your heart? how to be your soul partner?
    I am just wondering~

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    Re: Character Appreciation Thread

    Sakata Gintoki from gintama.gintoki is a kind and brave madao!

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