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Thread: Kabuto's colored sage mode

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    Kabuto's colored sage mode

    Kabuto's colored sage mode! awesome!
    I find this pictures on google, and now sharing them.
    look the first picture:
    The color of the pictures is good. But the tail, is it connect his belly? or ass?
    I CAN NOT distinguish it!

    the second picture:
    i like this picture, it gives me an horrible and adore feeling!

    review naruto 581, Prediction naruto 582.
    How to reach your heart? how to be your soul partner?
    I am just wondering~

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    Re: Kabuto's colored sage mode

    wow, it looks not bad! but his tail looks really weird! tails should be on the back, why his...? i hope Kabuto would make use of his sage mode in Naruto 582, not just keep it and use words as his weapon!

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