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Thread: Masked Man?s Identity

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    Masked Man?s Identity

    Naruto CSI, from eyes telling character: The Appraisal Results of Masked Man?s Identity.

    Appraise the masked-man?s right face.
    Interesting phenomenon: the double-edged eyelid & the single-edged eyelid.

    Appraise the masked-man?s right face.
    The people in the pictures are the same one? No. the first one seemed like a villain, and the second man likes a hero, it?s hard for us to think they have same links. And that is an important doubtful point why we doubt the identity of the masked-man. And is it true? Now let?s see the two other pictures below.

    As the detective said, when people in the high-strung mood and their expression will be did unconsciously, and that can reflect his real thought. No matter who he is, the masked-man or Madara, It is not an easy thing that to make him into nervous.
    From the fineness, we can know that the mangaka really used his heart. The left picture shows the mask lost a little horn which got Konan?s life. I think her life must bring us something. So pay more attention to the intelligence, maybe it can be the important evidence that ensure who he is.

    Now let?s change the second picture?s angle, similar or not? It?s hard to judge.

    Now let?s do more processing of the pictures. Delete the shadow part which can help us judge more exactly. Pay more attention to the particulars.

    Now let?s compare the two eyes, now do you get something about the eyes: eyebrow, palpebra superior, palpebra inferior, canthus and pouch, they are the same eyes!

    The conclusion of the analysis: they are the same to the eyes!
    Take a tip to the five common particulars:
    1. The eyebrow: the shape is becoming thinner from brows to the tip of the brow, and there is a little tick in the brows;
    2. The angle of the eyebrow: the eyebrow is picked, and even the same of angle;
    3. The double-edged eyelid;
    4. The canthus, at the junction of the parts and eyelid there is a split ends;
    5. The pouch;

    If you see more carefully, there is a horizontal line under the eye, this is the palpebra inferior. And pay more attention please, there is a little different: the masked-man?s pouch is softer than Madara.
    When masked-man took off half of his mask in front of Sasuke, we can find that the part of his face is intact, no local transplantation of trace.
    Masked-man?s right face has many wrinkles, but Madara does not have. We can infer that masked-man?s body just like common human, not like Pain, which does not become old. And from the soft pouches, we can infer he lived a long time.
    Masked-man once change his hands, and his other organs, but we can sure the right face is his face.

    And the three points, we can sure the masked-man?s right face is Madara?s right face, and this part is Madara?s real body!

    Well, besides his right face, I think the other part of his body may be changed, e.g. left face, hands and so on, but the majority parts of the body are his own. If somebody confused about his height, well, as a person who lived for a hundred years, it is common that his height is lower than the height in young age.

    Well, I think I should point the particular things out: each person in Naruto Manga has a unique eye style. Just like Uchiha Itachi, his eyes look like the phoenix?s tail. And comparing to other person?s eyes, maybe someone?s theory about who is Madara will be insignificance.

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    Re: Masked Man?s Identity

    I believe the masked man is either madaras brother (which would make no sense because madara has both his eyes ), or Obito cuz half of face is smashed and when you see the masked mans face when he shows it to sasuke the other half of his face looks scared or somthing

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    Re: Masked Man?s Identity

    First off, who were you trying to say that the masked man is? I got a lot of comparisions and such but no indication as to your opinion of whom he may be. It would help your case if you stated whom you think he is.

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