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Naruto 566 has been released, in the end,the 8 tails beast was injured, but the masters(Kakashi and Gai) are coming and saved Naruto. WOW, Kakashi and Gai will show you the power of Leaf village!!

BUT Unfortunately, I think Gai will die (after he opened eight gates), and Bee will be captured finally, because Tobi and his fellows are so strong!! Tobi even didn't use his 50% power right now!!! DONT forget he also has Gedo Mazo

Even Kakashi has one Sharingan eye, he is not the Uchiha blood, which means he can't use the advanced power of sharingan (like SUSANOO), so just like Tobi said, it will change nothing, he will capture Bee or even Naruto too! But of course, in the end Naruto will survive and beat Tobi, dont worry :P

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