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Thread: Naruto 577 spoilers [Predictions&Discussions]

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    Naruto 577 spoilers [Predictions&Discussions]

    Naruto 577 prediction the will of fire never dies out.

    Madara: the will of fire?... hahaha! What a useless bunch of bull you really think some made up crap from ?him? will really make a difference.

    Flash back?

    Hasirama: you won?t win madara because of the will of fire even if you defeat me many other villages also have it the will of fire never dies out.

    Tsunade: You have no room to talk you lost to the 1st hokage my grandfather not because of his medical power or because of his wood relase you lost to him because his will of fire beat you, the will of fire only gets stronger with each generations that?s what makes me strong not my title and not my power but my will.

    Madara: shut up you senju trash! allow me to show you how futile your will of fire is!

    Madara makes a single hand seal and a large tree rises from the ground covered in flowers the tree branchs branch out and impale a bunch of rocks rooting into the ground, the branchs then pull up a bunch of debris gaaara brings every one up on his clouds of sand madara?s susano?o then grabs the tree and throws it at them Tsunade jumps forward focusing chakra into her hand.

    Tsunade: don?t under estimate THE HOKAGE ORTHE WILL OF FIRE!

    Tsunade punchs the tree in half and punchs madar?s susano?o making a crack in it Tsunade puts more force behind her punch and sends it forward gaara makes sand surround it and puts a seal on it. But it is no good madara enters his final susaon?o breaking free of the sand.

    Madara: weak I expect more from the 1st?s descendants if all you can do is yell about your will of fire then you?ll never beat me, only ninja like the first who had great mastery over ninjutsu can be called strong.

    Tsunade: your wrong the thing that makes the hokage stronger then all of the other ninja was never ninjutsu, it was about their will the fact that they?d die for their village their ties to the village is what made them strong.

    Flash back?
    Hasrirama: madara the will of fire is strong you will never extinguish that flame, even if I die the flame will blaze stronger in the form of the new hokage and in the form of the leaf villagers.


    Madara: I have heard enough about the will of fire how about I end you all here at once.

    Madara makes hand seals and a bunch of giant meteors fall from the sky.

    Madara: I will destroy the battle field here killing everything all at once.

    Tsunade: we?ll see about that.

    Gaara uses his sand to hold the metors in place.

    Gaara: do something fast I can?t hold these for long.

    A and oonoki go flying up and punch them away all of them go upwards and collide in the same spot forming a gaint rock Tsunade jumps up there and grabs it she then kicks it downwards on madara his susano?o blocks it Tsunade then is falling from the sky and drop kicks it breaking though the susano?o and kicking madara in the face sending him into the ground. She jumps backwards.

    Madara: well done but still your no where near his level nor mine I will get serious now enjoy your final moments of life now take this?

    Scence swicths to itachi?

    Sasuke: answer me now itachi!

    Itachi: be quite sasuke right now I have more important things I must end the jutsu keeping me bound to this world.

    Sasuke: what!

    Itachi lands in front of Kabuto he turns.

    Kabuto: found me already hm?

    Sasuke lands there too.

    Kabuto: and with reinforcements.

    Sasuke: whats going on here?

    Back to kage fight?

    Madara: fire style materasu deat?.

    A coffin rises and takes madara away the coffin rises back infront of Kabuto.

    Madara: what is the meaning of this?

    Itachi: madara so Kabuto you even had him.

    Sasuke: madara!? Whats going on?
    Itachi; he too has been summoned by edo tensei as I have been.

    Sauske: your being used as puppets?
    Madara: two other uchihas? Maybe this will be a good fight unlike the last one.
    Kabuto: now lets see which dojutsu is truly better the rinnegan and hasriramas cells or the ms and ems hahaha!

    Next time a battle of eyes the most powerful dojutsu clash!

    What do you think? Toke me a while but I made one for this week I couldn?t think of much for Tsunade so tahts all I gave her but still impressive to break threw a tree and then susaon?o I guess I hope kishi acutlly gives her more skills in the next fight.
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    Re: Naruto 577 spoilers [Predictions&Discussions]

    if so, Naruto would not appear in Naruto 577? I'd like to know what happen in the battlefield with tailed beasts first actually. all right, Madara vs. 5 kages is OK too.

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