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Thread: Naruto 585 prediction

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    Talking Naruto 585 prediction


    Sasuke: So you think by becoming like Orochimaru you can truly understand yourself?
    Kabuto: More or less. Regardless of my decisions, I transformed myself into this for other purposes as well.
    Itachi: What purposes?
    Kabuto: I needed a strong body and mind to achieve the highest level of doujutsu out there.
    Sasuke: You want the eternal mangekyou sharingan?
    Itachi: No...he's going for..
    Scene switches to Tobi and Naruto
    ....the rinnegan(shows Tobi on top of Gedo Mazou whos brawling with Bee.
    Gai is in the seventh gate who's in front of Naruto who's in sage mode preparing a rasen shuriken.
    Naruto: Ready kakashi sensei!
    Kakashi; Good, now hold it still!
    Kakashi uses Raikiri torrent to stream his lightning inside the rasenshuriken.
    Naruto: Woah..
    Kakashi: I'm ready, do it Gai!
    Gai: Right.
    Gai jumps up in front of the statue.
    Gai: Bee, move!
    Bee jumps out of the way.
    Gai: Hirudora!
    Tobi: ...and here I thought they knew chakra attacks won't work on me.
    Tobi sticks his hand out to try and absorb it, his hand is also controlling Gedo Mazou so theoretically, the Gedo Mazou shares the same body.
    Hirudora blasts through Gedo Mazou's hand and continues for it's chest.
    Tobi: ....I see, now I know why I couldn't see the attack, it's not made of chakra....
    Gai: Howl my youth!
    Tobi: Too fast, I can't slip this entire mass through it!
    Gedo Mazou is his in the chest, a hole is made right through it.
    Tobi: Urgh....I'll regenerate that soon eno--
    Out of the smoke comes Naruto and Kakashi.
    Naruto/Kakashi: Storm release, RasenRaiShuriken!
    The shuriken is launched inside the hole.
    Tobi: What are they doing? They just missed Gedo Mazou?
    Naruto in sage mode expands the shuriken
    The statue takes a heavy hit and is on the ground.
    Tobi: Your efforts are futile, my statue can take any attack.
    Naruto: You sure about that?
    Tobi: !?? What, Why can't I feel it's chakra? I can't even move it?
    Naruto: My rasenshuriken destroys chakra cells, your statue won't be able to use any of your techniques anymore.
    Kakashi: And if you cannot use any jutsu, you're left with taijutsu, which is where my lightning release came in. Your statue wont be able to move under it's nullified body.
    Naruto: Do it Bee!
    Tobi: !
    Bee: Yeahhhhhhhhhhh Bijuudama!
    Gedo Mazou is hit and blows up.
    Out in the smoke we see Tobi standing there.
    Naruto: Just one left.
    Kakashi: Get ready.
    Gai: This will be the finale.
    Bee: Let's go!
    Chapter end.


    naruto 585- Kabuto ultimate being
    Kabuto is laying on the bed, after surgery
    Kabuto: still, I dont know who I am!
    Kabuto reminds Orochimaru speech about how to find out his right indentify
    Kabuto smiles
    Next we see Kabuto doing summoning no jutsu and seeing Manda is dead
    Kabuto(thinking): What?! Why Manda is dead, maybe Sasuke used it, it is possible. I can't believe that is how Manda ended, but I can't let Orochimaru summon be dead, it would be huge waste.
    Kabuto is doing experiments on Manda remains.
    Kabuto(thinking):I will recreate Manda, more powerfull, bigger with my special drugs!.
    Then we move to another scene, Kabuto is now reading all Orochimaru notes
    Kabuto: yes, Yes, The knowledge is my power.
    Then we see Kabuto after meeting with Naruto
    Kabuto(thinking): Naruto-kun, you are my inspiration of my new being, I will surprass Orochimaru, and I will find out who I am.
    Kabuto: It the best for me to use same genious method as you use, Naruto-kun.(grining)
    Kabuto: Kage bunshin, with Orochimaru chakra, and other abillities I can use Kage bunshin to speed up my progress, because my amount of chakra increased a lot.
    Then we see few differents panels, In first, second, and third we see Kabuto, who is robbing graves, first and second are random's graves, in third in the grave we see body of Uchiha Madara, Kabuto is smilling.
    Kabuto(thinking): Edo Tensei, the most darkest technique and most powerfull, with proper knowledge and DNA of strongest shinobi.
    In the same time we see other Kabuto , who is studying Orochimaru technique and excersising them.
    Kabuto: I almost perfected these techniques(grininng)
    And in the same time, we see Kabuto meeting with snake sage. In next few panels, we see Kabuto training sage jutsu and thinkings.
    we see Kabuto who is injecting in himself blood of Jyugo, Karin and Suigetsu.
    Next page show Kabuto sage mode traning progress.
    Next page show Some Ninja coming back to village from mission. They are talking about details of Fourth Great Ninja War. After they are gone, we see snake who is moving behind tree.
    Kabuto: Interesting, I think it is time for me to get Uchiha Sasuke, he is last lacking piece in my collection.
    Later we see Kabuto evil laughing in hideout.
    Kabuto: with everything I have gathered or done. I am ready for Fourth Great shinobi Ninja War!, It is time to meet him
    Finally we see End of Kabuto flashback
    We see Kabuto with lowered head and he is slowly lifting his head
    Itachi, Sasuke:?!
    Kabuto: you are right Itachi, I still dont know who truly I am, I am creation of many experiments.. I was building up my false indentify from others people through many times. I am not human any more.
    Kabuto: there are only two ways for me find out, First is meet Sage of six paths personally, or I can become be Sage of six paths and posses knowledge about everything.
    Itachi, Sasuke:?!
    Kabuto: That why , I can't die here, even if you force me stop edo tensei, I will survive to find answer of my indentify!!
    Itachi: I am sorry, but you wishes ened here and now, you are under Izanami working.
    Kabuto: Sage art: forbidden art of reborn live!!

    What will happen to Kabuto, what is the forbidden senjutsu technique

    This is end of my prediciton, so i hope you enjoy reading this prediction, even if grammar is not so good as should. I am waiting for your comments. If you want next , write me it in comment. bye

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    Re: Naruto 585 prediction

    you bullshit. those are all bullshit
    let me tell you the truth
    naruto 585 is still about kabuto's memory

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    Re: Naruto 585 prediction

    Quote Originally Posted by jackdd View Post
    you bullshit. those are all bullshit
    let me tell you the truth
    naruto 585 is about still about kabuto's memory
    kabuto's memory has covered three chapters already. that is too much! hope the first version of naruto 585 can be true.

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