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Thread: Naruto 589 Prediction

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    Naruto 589 Prediction

    Naruto 589 Prediction

    Madara: *Smirking* You Fools. Did you really think any of you stood a chance against the God of the Uchiha?

    Tsunade: *Flashbacks of Sasuke and Itachi* Damn it! The Uchiha truly are the most powerful clan... we're doomed.

    Raikage: Don't be so stupid Tsunade! WE CAN'T GIVE UP!!

    Madara: *Laughs hysterically* You were never in my league. Hashirama was the only man in the Universe that could stand toe to toe with me. *Flashbacks of him and his fight with Hashirama* You are nothing. I'm sick of wasting my time with you fools. I thought you would truly stand a chance against me, all of you united... you do not even total up to 10% of Hashirama's power.

    5 Kages: *Shocked* Hashirama... so he truly was the most powerful Kage in existence...

    *Switches back to Madara* I'll show you the true power that lies within Susano'o. *Closes his eye whilst doing a handsign with Susano'o doing it aswell* *Opens his eyes*

    Oonoki: Impossible! I thought such tools were myths!!!!!

    Madara: You should never have estimated my power. It's too much for you to comprehend. *Susano'o does a Kuchiyose and summons up a Gourd, A Mirror/Shield and a Blade that is encompassed with the inextinguishable flames of Amaterasu* *Thinks*: That damn Itachi, how was he able to get his hands on these tools? Haha, that Uchiha never ceased to amaze me. Although he carries cruder versions, his truly are of immense power. Behold Kages! The tools of the Gods!

    5 Kages: ???

    *Susano'o slashes Oonoki and he is sealed, slowly he fades away, and his soul is kept in the Gourd.* Oonoki's life flashes before him, he dies with a smile on his face.

    Madara: Hahaha, we have eliminated the little sh*t.

    Kages: Oonoki! Impossible! He's gone!

    Gaara: *Stands up with his effort* Secret Sand Sealing: Version 1. Eat this MADARA!! *A storm of Sand surrounds Susano'o and it appears Madara cannot move. He unleashes the Mirror/Shied of Kyūkyoku no bōei and it absorbs the attack, in a similar way Madara's path can absorb Rasenshuriken.

    Madara: *Smiles evilly* It's time to end this. Katon Kyūkyoku no hakai hageshī bāsuto!! *He burns all the Kages and they're all lying there.* Such weak humans... Suiton: Mizunojōka no nami. *They're bodies are cleaned with water. The Finale: Enton: Jigoku no mujihina honō!! *They all are burned very severly.* Madara reduces the power of the flames so that he can watch them die slowly.

    Kages: We all failed in the end... it's up to Naruto now...

    Naruto 589: END!

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    Re: Naruto 589 Prediction

    Quote Originally Posted by alwinyu View Post
    wow,naurto 588is just release ,how fast the speed !
    agree! how can you so fast? no something about Sasuke and itachi in Naruto 589?

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