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Thread: Naruto 621 Discussion and Naruto 622 Prediction

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    Re: Naruto 621 Discussion and Naruto 622 Prediction

    Naruto 621 is not bad. glad to know more about Hashirama and Madara. but flashback in flashback? oh, it will take a long time to finish it this time.

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    Re: Naruto 621 Discussion and Naruto 622 Prediction

    Naruto 622 : The BATTLE FORGED INTO A BOND

    KID MADARA : Who the hell are you? (looking at the kid)
    KID HASHI : Hmm...right now, you could say that I'm your rival in rock skipping... But I've already gotten mine to the other side.
    EDO HASHI : That was my first meeting with Uchiha Madara.(gives a smile)
    SASUKE : ....(standing still at his place)
    OROCHIMARU : [ Tsk. He'll speak everything from the start. ] (sighs)
    (sits on one side having cracked wall's support)
    (Juugo sits in one corner while Suigetsu stands near Sasuke)
    3 HOKAGES : .....
    EDO HASHI : Then...
    KID MADARA : Tsk. (throws another stone across the river but is drowned) ?!! (Another stone passes by his stone and reaches the other side)
    KID HASHI : (Extends his hand) My name is Senjuu Hashirama.(gives a childish smile) What's your name?
    KID MADARA : [ Senjuu?!! ] (gets angry) (clenches his teeth)
    KID HASHI : (looking at his angry face) Huh?!! What happened?
    (Madara grabs his coat and fan and walks away)
    KID HASHI : Heh? (confused)
    (Madara vanishes in the forest while looking back at Hashirama)
    ???? : (hits on Hashi's head) What the hell are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be training?
    KID HASHI : Ouch. Ouch. Why do you always act like my elder brother?
    KID TOBI : Why? (hits again) Because I am your little brother. You're so reckless to get attacked by anyone, even by me.
    KID HASHI : (acts like a cool guy) How can you say that huh? (moves like a sneaky detective with eyes searching for any suspicious thing)
    KID TOBI : Idiot. The boy you were talking with before is one of the Uchihas. Uchiha Madara, the elder son of the Uchiha leader.
    KID HASHI : (raises his ear) What?!! Uchiha Madara?
    KID TOBI : Lets go!! (drags away Hashirama)
    KID HASHI : Wait..Wait Tobi!!
    KID TOBI : Shut up!!
    (Madara makes an attempt to attack with the Susano'o sword on the Wooden God)
    (But is blocked easily)
    HASHIRAMA : Its useless. You have no chance against me at this level. Quit already.
    MADARA : (shouts) I told you not to speak so confidently as if you can beat me whenever you want, Hashirama. I'm not the one you could beat anytime.
    HASHIRAMA : I never wanted to fight you. But because of your hatred.... I can't sit idle.
    KID MADARA : (punches in Hashi's gut and then gives an upward punch on his chin) So there are spoiled brats in the Senjuus. (looks at Hashirama with three tomoe Sharingan active)
    KID HASHI : (widens eyes as he gets punched) (spits out blood) Arghh!! (falls on the ground holding his stomach) (tries to stand but his legs are shivering)
    ???? : Hurry!! There.... I heard some voice.
    KID MADARA : ?!! ..... (looks at Hashi) Don't dare again to befriend me. Uchihas and Senjuus are like water and oil. (Sharingan fades)
    KID HASHI : (holds his knee with one hand and struggles to stand) This.....(rubs out the blood around his mouth) This is what....(coughs)...what the elders think.(glares in Madara's eyes) And I don't care.
    KID MADARA : ?!! [ He's different from before. ]
    (hears the voices of shinobis nearby and leaves the place.)
    (While leaving, turns to look at Hashirama with a smile.)
    EDO HASHI : That day.... I understood that Madara is also kind of person who wanted to stop the fights between the Uchihas and Senjuus.
    SASUKE : .....
    EDO HASHI : But...

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    Re: Naruto 621 Discussion and Naruto 622 Prediction


    (Kyuubi makes another TBB)
    HASHIRAMA : It is useless against this.
    MADARA : ......
    (Pierces both the swords in the TBB)
    (Breaks the swords near the hilt and releases the TBB in the air)
    (Kyuubi somehow manages to withstand against its powerful release)
    (Hashirama holds a handseal)
    (The TBB is travelling with violently high speed towards the huge statue)
    (Several hands emerge out from the back of the statue and rushes toward the TBB)
    (The hands blocks the TBB in the air covering it from all the sides)
    MADARA : ?!! He stopped it?
    KYUUBI : Grrrr (then growls at the statue and whips its tails)
    HASHIRAMA : [ I must nullify the bomb ] (makes a handseal)
    (The huge statue's original hands makes the same handseals)
    (The TBB grows in size while the hands surrounding it moves as if they are giving a shape to it)
    (The TBB grows bigger)
    (The hands surfacing on the TBB pierce into it and raises it higher from the ground)
    (Sweat rolls down from Hashirama's head due to stress as well as Madara's due to the frightening view)
    (Focuses his Sharingan on the TBB)
    MADARA : ?!! [ The concentration with which the bomb was made has reduced ] (looks at the statue's hands) [ That is the sage chakra. He is giving it to the bomb so as to reduce its concentration and hence the effect of the blast. ] Damn you Hashirama!! (Makes handsigns)
    (Kyuubi runs around the statue while releases multiple TBB towards the statue)
    (The statue releases more hands and grabs each and every TBB and enlarges it by supplying sage chakra)
    (The statue holds eight TBB sphere of huge sizes in the air high above the ground that surrounds the huge statue lighting up the whole battlefield with its glow)
    HASHIRAMA : (still holding the seal) Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    (His forehead is surrounded by a thick band around the circular mark and the dot in the centre)
    (His legs shivers)
    (The hands holding the TBB are raised and throws the TBB in the sky as soon as they are at a particular distance from the ground)
    HASHIRAMA : Mokuton Sashiki no Jutsu!!!! ( Wood Style : Piercing Branch)
    (The hands from which the TBBs were released in the air, releases several piercing branches at the TBBs)
    (As soon as the wood pierce through the bomb, branches formes out at the surface and the TBBs explodes)
    (The combined explosion of the TBB creates a huge impact on the surrounding)
    (The impact creates a huge crate on the battlefield)
    (The statue tries to stand in the crater while the water from the ocean starts filling up the crate)
    (Kyuubi dashes behind the statue and swings the two swords on the statue's legs)
    (The swords swing cuts through the legs)
    (The statue falls on his knees into the crate)
    (The water spills over the forest like a rain falling from the sky)
    (The statue holds himself from lying on the ground with the help of his original hands and some of the hands from his back)
    HASHIRAMA : [ I have to do..... ]
    (Kyuubi runs around the shore of the crate)
    (Attacks with several slashes of the swords)
    (Every slash cuts through the water and strikes the statue hence damaging it)
    (The statue's eyes follows the Kyuubi)
    HASHIRAMA : ?!! [ The damage. ] (slams his hand on the statue's head)
    (The remaining hands emerges out and slams into the crater thus increasing the depth as well as an earthquake)
    (Kyuubi continously strikes with the swords)
    (The ground shakes)
    (Kyuubi staggers at its place)

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    Re: Naruto 621 Discussion and Naruto 622 Prediction

    MADARA : ?!!
    (The water into the crate rises in the air and acts as a shield to the swords slashes hence reducing the damage)
    (Kyuubi tries to maintain the balance)
    (The water descends into the crate)
    (Several hands emerges out of nowhere from the descending water)
    (Kyuubi leaps back on the ocean's surface)
    (The statue turns towards the ocean)
    (The hands extends to catch the Kyuubi)
    (The Kyuubi dodges the hands and slices them apart with the sword)
    (Some of the hands dodges the slash and attacks)
    MADARA : The last ones.
    (Kyuubi raises the swords to attack)
    MADARA : ?!!
    (The Susano'o's hands holding the sword are blocked by the statue's hands emerging from the deep ocean)
    (The already cut hands raises again which founds out to be the one holding the Susano'o hands)
    MADARA : (looks at the raised hands from the ocean) [ He can grow those hands again? ]
    (One of the hand emerges out and wounds around Kyuubi's mouth)
    (As both are distracted from the surprise attack, the previously attacking hands grab the tails of the Kyuubi)
    (Hashirama stretches out his hand and shuts his fist)
    (The hands holding the Susano'o hands and the Kyuubi whips and tugs out the Susano'o)
    MADARA : [ He's planning to separate the Kyuubi from the Susano'o. ]
    (A tug of war is established between the Kyuubi, Susano'o vs Hashirama's wood style)
    HASHIRAMA : [ I must increase the pull. ]
    (points out two fingers)
    (The hands holding the Susano'o are branched out forming several hands covering the Kyuubi's body and then pulls out every fiber of Susano'o layering on the Kyuubi)
    MADARA : (turns to Hashirama) ?!! Where is he? (looks down at the edge of the crate) ?!! (is separated out from the Kyuubi)
    (Hashirama is running towards the landing position of the Susano'o while an amount of wood is returned back into his body)
    MADARA : [ Now he is attacking me head-on ] Not so fast!!
    (The Susano'o while getting pulled by the wooden hands creates five Yasaka beads)
    HASHIRAMA : ?!!
    MADARA : Yasaka Magatama!! (throws them at approaching Hashirama)
    (The beads bursts out water at high altitude as they strikes)
    (Hashirama dodge every attack while running and makes handsigns)
    (Water splashes all over)
    (Madara deactivates Susano'o to get rid of the hands pulling it)
    (The wooden hand changes into several wooden ropes and attacks Madara while in the air)
    (Madara dodge some of the attacks while cut through some using the Uchiha fan and lands on the water)
    (Madara senses an incoming attack from behind through the splashing water)
    (Hashirama is about to grab him from the water)
    (Madara leaps and turns back as soon as he lands)
    MADARA : (looking at the palm of the hand) ?!! Trying to bre-
    (wood grows out of his arm and grabs Madara while leaping and pulls towards him)
    (Hashirama slams his hand on Madara)
    (A seal spreads out from the hand on Madara's chest)
    MADARA : I'll get the Kyuubi back. (panting)
    HASHIRAMA : (panting) You can't.
    MADARA : (looks at Kyuubi) ?!!
    (Kyuubi is shown binded in the wood surrounded by Flower Land with spores hovering around him)
    (The eye of the Kyuubi changes to normal)
    (Hashirama's clone is shown near Kyuubi)
    HASHIRAMA CLONE : Uzumaki seal : Binding Jutsu!! (slams hand on the ground)
    (A seal spreads out surrounding the Kyuubi and holds it in its place while the Kyuubi faints due to the spores)
    MADARA : [ That clone? That time ] (remembers the returning wood into Hashirama's body) Damn you, Hashirama!! (attacks with his fan on Hashirama's chest and then frees himself from the wood binding)
    (Blood spills out from Hashirama's chest and is thrown back)
    HASHIRAMA : Gaahhhh!!!
    MADARA : Fire Style : Great Fireball Jutsu!!
    HASHIRAMA : ?!!
    (Gets caught in the jutsu completely)
    (The clone bursts)
    (Hashirama drown in the water while Madara stands there)
    MADARA : [ He's not done yet ] ?!!
    (Hashirama reaches on the surface)
    (His body is healed from the wounds and his sage markings are fading away)
    (The two Shinobis engages in a Taijutsu battle and ends at the edge of the crate)
    (Standing Face to Face)
    MADARA : (looks at depth of the crate and then at the ocean on its other side) Our battle will end here at this Valley. The Valley of the End. (looks at Hashirama) Gahhhh!!!
    (Hashirama lands a kick on Madara throwing him in the deep crate)
    (Madara rubs out the blood from the kick and makes a handseal)
    MADARA : (While falling) Behold Hashirama!! You don't have any thing against this. (laughs madly as he falls in the water)
    HASHIRAMA : (pants) ?!! (coughs out blood) (falls on knees and vomits out blood)
    (holds his chest and coughs badly)
    (Suddenly the water from the crate is splashed out to high feets and a huge figure appears)
    HASHIRAMA : [ He still has something up his sleeve ] ?!!
    MADARA : Here it is, you'll be the first one to witness my power. And the first one to die by the hands of my Perfect Susano'o. [ It is still not stabilized. Never thought it would take so much to fight against Hashirama. I must not die. Not at this point ]
    HASHIRAMA : Even I can see ....this form is not yet stabilized.
    MADARA : Don't mock me!!
    (The PS swings its sword and cuts the huge statue of wood into two)
    HASHIRAMA : ?!!
    MADARA : My next target is the village, I've sworn to destroy it by my hands.
    HASHIRAMA : Madara!!!
    MADARA : Shut up!! ?!!!
    (The PS falls apart)
    (Madara falls in the valley)
    HASHIRAMA : Wood Style : Giant Forest!!
    (The trees grows out of the walls of the crate and attacks Madara)
    (Madara dodge the attacks and dashes up towards Hashirama with the help of the trees)
    (Madara throws his chained Uchiha War Fan at Hashirama)
    HASHIRAMA : (Removes the scroll) Summoning Jutsu!! (slams his hand on the opened scroll)
    (Several swords emerges out)
    (Hashirama grabs a sword in each hand and deflects the Fan back)
    (Madara retrieves the Fan back and attacks again slicing through the branches of the trees)
    (Hashirama dodging every attack)
    (At one of the particular moment, Hashirama coughs again and Madara attacks Hashirama)
    (A scar is made on Hashirama's waist diagonally upward)
    (Madara removes a kunai, moves ahead and plunges it into Hashirama's stomach)
    HASHIRAMA : Gahhh?!!
    (Hashirama grabs Madara at that moment and lands a kick in his gut and swings his sword)
    (Madara leaps back high to dodge)
    (Hashirama extends wood from his hand, grabs Madara's leg and slams him on the ground hard enough to crush the ground with the impact)
    (Madara cuts the wood using his fan and rolls back)
    (Both are panting)
    (Both rushes towards each other with their weapons)
    (What will be their final attacks?)
    (Edo Hashi stops at "But...")


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    Re: Naruto 621 Discussion and Naruto 622 Prediction

    wow, this is really a long prediction for Naruto 622. I think flashback of little Hashirama and Madara will be longer.

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