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Thread: Naruto 622 Discussion and Naruto 623 Prediction

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    Re: Naruto 622 Discussion and Naruto 623 Prediction

    Naruto 622 is a good chapter. I almost cried when Hashirama cried by the river. I just found little Madara is nice, he has a short temper though.

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    Re: Naruto 622 Discussion and Naruto 623 Prediction

    Naruto 623 Prediction (Somehow Related)

    (Scene shows Madara Standing near Hashirama)

    Hashirama: looks like u improved on your stone throwing and it already reached the other side huh,, madara..

    Madara: I dont like the way you look and say that words... are you trying to prove that im a slow learner rrrr!!

    Hashirama: I mean, through all failure that shinobi had there are still success..

    Madara: What do you mean...

    Hashirama: ... there are still success waiting for everyone as long as they keep trying right???

    Madara: I guess so...

    Hashirama: So do you think that there is still peace towards this war as long as we keep peace with our enemies??

    Madara: (Eyes Glared) (Thinking) (This guy... is up to something)

    Madara: (Smirks) hehe... how could somebody do that?? you??? a kid?? i dont think so... but... m..

    Hashirama: Yeah a kid... A kid with a guts to keep trying to prove something and declared a thing!

    Madara: (thinking) (he's serious really...)

    (Scene shows flashback)

    (Scene shows 10 years ago)

    Hashirama: Madara Im putting my life on the line to make this war end..

    Madara: So do I...

    Hashirama: Im happy you helped me on this one...

    Madara: You bet... your a friend truly... despite all that happened before... we saw light beyond wide darkness..

    (Scene shows Madara & Hashirama with group of Shinobis looking at the mountain)

    (Mountain = supposedly the Hokage's Monument but without carvings of face)

    Hashirama: This is the start of the word called "Home" and our will made it happen... A will that resembles fire...

    Madara: ... Fire?? I guess you got that from us.. the uchiha clan... the bearers of fire...

    Hashirama: no... thats not it... fire that represents determination to light the darkness..

    Madara: hehehe

    (Scene shows Hashirama and Madara shaked hands)

    (Scene shows flashback)

    (Scene shows gathering on Konoha with elite shinobis and village elders)

    Village Elder 1: It seems that peace is beginning to break down... I guess we need a leader to guide and make decisions for the village.

    Hashirama: wait... why should we need a leader... This village is led by Senju and Uchiha in good terms..

    Madara: .... leader huh???

    Village Elder 2: Thats why we gathered here to make changes beyond this village.. a LEADER must be designated

    Village Elder 3: Hokage is quite good as position name... is it... Ho-kage "Fire Country Leader"

    Hashirama: I guess its good to hear hahaha...

    Tobirama: So how we will vote for it???

    Village Elder 1: It seemd Uchiha clan and Senju clan bestows all the power and determination to build and protect this village so...

    Izuna: I vote for my brother Madara...

    Tobirama: Same here... Hashirama for me..

    (Scene shows votings for each elite shinobi makes Hashirama and Madara even in counting but then...)

    Village Elder 2: One last shinobi to vote...

    ????: I vote for Hashirama Senju...

    (Scene shows some uproars between shinobi)

    Tobirama: Nice brother you won!! the village now acknowledge you as its leader... or i say 1st HOKAGE

    Hashirama: Indeed but i guess I still need your support Madara.

    Madara: Congratulations Hashirama its an honor to be your competitor for the Hokage Title... you have our Support!

    Uchiha Clan: Yeah!!!!, For the Hokage!!!

    Hashirama: Shoud i make thanks for the last shinobi voted for me>>> Im Hashirama! and you are>>

    ?????: I voted for the Senju Clan since its distant related to my clan...

    Hashirama: Thanks then,, your name is?

    ?????: Uzumaki Mito..


    HASHIRAMA & MITO Story will be revealed and it seems the start of SENJU/UZUMAKI domination of Konoha makes Uchiha fade its fame and respect.

    Manga Panda: Naruto 623 Prediction (Somehow Related)

    Hope you all enjoyed..

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    Re: Naruto 622 Discussion and Naruto 623 Prediction

    more flashback in Naruto 623? gosh...speechless...

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