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naruto 597 Prediction : No one and someone.

Naruto: What? One jutsu?
Kakashi: Yeah....when he dematerializes his body, his actual body is sent to another dimension, the same dimension where my Kamui sends objects.
Naruto: Woah...I actually get that...
Kakashi: When he tries to absorb someone, it's the exact same thing as my Kamui...
Naruto: Say what?? That sounds like a completely different jutsu?
Kakashi: Yeah...but that's the thing...
Kakashi looks at Tobi
Kakashi: I watched you die....
Gai/Naruto/Bee: !??
Tobi: ...
Naruto: What the hell? You know him?
Kakashi: Don't you find it strange....he apparnetly has known me for a while, shares the same type of jutsu, and even has the same shape and appearance...
Gai: !?? That boy...don't tell me.
Kakashi: Obito...is that you..
Tobi: Splendid as always. Amazing analytical skills Kakashi. However, I'm not this Obito you speakl of, while I can see why you came to that conclusion.
Kakashi: ...if you're not Obito...then...who the hell are you?
Tobi: I already told you, I'm no one. I don't exist, I'm nothing more than a void.
Tobi: *That rasengan damaged my arm pretty badly...so....*
Tobi's arm becomes a machine, similar to Asura path.
Bee: Naruto, isn't that....
Naruto: Yeah, he's using the six paths technique, be careful.
Tobi fires a laser canon at their direction which separates them.
Kakashi on Bee's hand
Kakashi: Bee-san, buy me some time, I need to figure this out, I'm so close I can't lose it...
Bee: Roger!
Naruto and Gai on the other side of them, hiding behind a rock.
Gai: Dammit, he took my masters nunchuks...
Naruto: That's a good thing big eyebrow sensei! If you had them now they would get you killed.
Gai: Naruto, how did you beat Pain?
Naruto: He has every catagory on lock down....except....speed!
Gai: I see...it all comes down to how fast he can use those moves...
Naruto goes in KCM
Naruto: Bushy brows, can you keep up?
Gai smiles and enters the 6th gate.
Gai: Lead the way!
Gai and Naruto attack Tobi
Naruto creates a raenshuriken
Gai uses morning peacock
Tobi: Futile, I'll just absorb it all.
The fire gets hits his hand, which burns his glove off
Tobi: *So it's not chakra? He's actually creating real fire from punches? Interesting.*
Tobi: Shinra Tensei.
Gai gets sent back
Gai: Good, I distracted him.
Tobi: !!
Naruto's Futon rasenshuriken is being guided to his neck
Tobi dematerializes
Naruto sends it back
Tobi: *This, I can absorb.*
As Tobi absorbs it Gai comes flying in with a kick
Tobi: ....
Tobi dodges Gai's kick but takes the cut from the rasenshurken
Kakashi: !?
Naruto: What the hell? I got him?
Gai: !? what happened.
Kakashi: I get it...he has to switch between eyes, it takes time. He can't simply use his sharingan with the rinnegan at the same time. Instead of taking the hit by Gai, he took a bit of Naruto's Rasen shuriken.
Tobi's right arm is cut and falling off.
Bee: !! Look at his arm...there's no blood?
Naruto: Hey! That's just like those white guys!
Kakashi; Is he...even human?
Tobi: Injuring me twice, not many people can do that.
Kakashi: Every jutsu has a weakness, and you're over using yours.
Tobi: Indeed. Time to end this.
Tobi forms seals
Tobi: Chibaku Ten--
Out of nowhere Madara grabs his hand and stops him.
Tobi: !!!?
Naruto and co: !?!
Madara: Don't use that silly technique. It makes the rinnegan look bad.
Kakashi: That's....Madara?
Naruto: He was fighting granny Tsunade and the other kages last time I checked. Did he kill them?
Madara: Kyuubiboy....and the Hachibi...
Tobi: They're annoying, but necessary, although I have the 10 tails in preparation, they would speed up the process.
Madara: Well done. Now, Take that silly thing off.
Tobi: ...as you wish, sensei.
Tobi take off his mask
Kakashi: !!? It can't be? That's!
Tobi un-masked, what shocking face has Kakashi and co seen?
Chapter End
it seems that Naruto 597 is still about Naruto's side in your spoiler. I heard someone said that it wiil be at Sasuke's side. I don't which one is true.