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Thread: [Spoilers] Naruto 575 spoilers

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    [Spoilers] Naruto 575 spoilers

    Naruto 575 spoilers!!! Naruto 575 Predictions&Discussions!!! Naruto 574 has been released now!!!

    イタチとサスケが出会いそうな所で来週 サスケはイタチを目視してた
    The Edo Tensei-Madara is able to use Mokuton because his body is fused with the First Hokage.
    The chapter ends at a point where it looks like Sasuke and Itachi will meet.

    Madara's clothes are ripped and the First Hokage's face appears from behind them.
    All the Kage notice it.

    The Kage are getting worn out (especially Mei and Ohnoki).

    read manga spoilers on mangahere.

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    Re: Naruto 575 spoilers [MH Confirmed]

    I'm so excited about the last page of Naruto 575! Sasuke saw itachi. Itachi is back! oh! this chapter is too short! just 14 pages! I want Naruto 576!

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