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Thread: [Spoilers] Naruto 584 spoilers

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    Smile [Spoilers] Naruto 584 spoilers

    naruto 584: ?Truth about Jinchuriki?

    We see Kakashi and Gai standing in a defensive side by side stance.

    Bee is still in 8 tails mode.

    Naruto is slightly smiling at Tobdara, ?your plans stop here, whoever you are!?

    Kurama to himself, {hmmm, it?s happening, I didn?t think it would be this fast but it is. Naruto?}

    Naruto running towards Tobi forming his signature hand sign, ?shadow clone jutsu! Not now!?

    Two clones on each side appear and dash towards Tobi and the Statue. They all try to jump/climb the statue until the y are all knocked off by the Statue.

    Naruto, ?I gotcha!?

    He puts his hand out as he falls, a hidden kunai appears under his sleeve and shoots towards Tobi with a wire attached. It goes through his head and embeds in the skull of the Statue, behind where he is standing.

    Gai, ?what is he doing, that won?t work!?

    Kakashi, ?trust him Gai!?

    Bee, ?you a fool you can?t get the upper hand with that tool!?

    Tobi jumps down to meet Naruto as he is being pulled up, ?fool, I have you now..?

    Just as he touches Naruto.


    He is hit from above by the real Naruto in Sage mode, the other one disperses.

    The impact buries Tobi in a huge crater in front of the statue as a huge boom occurs.

    Dust settles and .. ?Dammit!?

    Naruto is there holding shreds of Tobi?s clothing and his mask.

    Kakashi, ?he is fast with his teleportation.?
    Naruto, ?hmmmm, yes he is, but I hit him with enough of it to hurt him bad!?

    Suddenly the statue grabs Naruto while he is distracted, he is in base mode after the jutsu against Tobi. He is struggling but can?t get free.

    Kakashi, ?go!?

    Bee goes strait inn while Gai and Kakashi take opposite sides.

    The statue is swinging and defending itself keeping them at bay.

    Tobi appears with his back to ?us?, he is reaching his hand out for Naruto.

    Kurama to himself, {it?s about to happen..}

    Naruto is watching the hand get closer


    Naruto has a determined look on his face as Tobi?s fingers about to touch him.

    Kakashi sees this, ?no! Naruto!?

    Tobi, ?got y??


    Kakashi looks in amazement, Gai and Bee stop and also look.

    We see The statue and Tobi tied down by blue chakra glowing chains, coming from Naruto.

    Naruto, ?what?! Mom??

    Kurama, {no, it is you. I was trying to tell you, when we became one, all restrictions on you and I have been lifted.}

    Naruto inside, {restrictions? You mean I can do what Mom can do? Is this my Kekkei Genkei? What else?}

    Kurama, {we don?t have time for a lesson, but in the Uzumaki Clan the traits are passed down through the female so your child will not be able to do this. There is on erestriction you should notice any moment.}
    Naruto, ?I think I just did.?

    He looks at the field and everyone on it in a quick glance, then back to Tobi.

    The chains are detaching from Naruto and now are just wrapped around them.

    Naruto stands a few feet from Tobi and Gai and Kakashi appear beside Naruto.

    Naruto, ?you are being held down because when you become ghostlike you are still chakra, chakra touches chakra, as you may be already know.?

    Kakashi looks at Naruto, {Naruto?}

    Tobi is badly injured form the rasenshuriken earlier, his face is showing but shadowy.

    ?you have not defeated me, I still have these eyes!?

    He warps out form under the chains.

    We see Tobi holding his shoulder with an arm missing and most of his cloths ripped or gone form above the waist.

    We see his back he is coming up on the Kage fight.

    Kakashi voice, ?do you know who that was Gai??

    Gai, “hmmm, the face was a dashing resemblance but it couldn?t be.?

    Soon the statue disappears, in a puff a huge smoke, then Naruto brings all the chains back inside of him.

    Bee in base mode, ?man what the hell you got so many surprises I can?t tell!?

    Naruto, glancing away from them with a serious look, ?Senseis. All of you, brace yourselves.?

    He goes Kyuubi Mode. Kurama, {you have a plan don?t you? I guess you have notice that the restriction on your chakra that controls your thought patterns, among other things have been removed.?}

    Naruto, {yes, to both.}

    They all disappear in a brilliant flash of light.

    585: ?Enter: Team Naruto? ^^

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    Re: Naruto 584 spoilers

    What , is it naruto 584 spoliers . No way, that must not be the right one .

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    Re: Naruto 584 spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by jackdd View Post
    What , is it naruto 584 spoliers . No way, that must not be the right one .
    yeah, I doubt it too. Kabuto's story has finished yet and the battle is in the half way. why Naruto 584 skip them all to Naruto's team? it's weird. even if I hope so.

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