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Thread: tobi and kakashi

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    tobi and kakashi

    in naurto 594Tobi got quite personal with Kakashi, is than an indication that they know each other?

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    Re: tobi and kakashi

    Quote Originally Posted by alwinyu View Post
    in naurto 594Tobi got quite personal with Kakashi, is than an indication that they know each other?
    I think maybe I should reread naurto 594. I just got to know this.

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    Re: tobi and kakashi

    they know each other...the fact that kakashi never really revealed his face either so why not do the same with the masked man.. is obito by the way.

    the mask man AKA "TOBI"

    he is OBITO... kakashi's childhood comrade and friend.. let me finish peps....

    there's so many UCHIHA to be mentioned with in all naruto's whole history.. but who has the most confusing death of all uchiha's?

    1. Uchiha MADARA - he is dead!! how? the only possible truth about his death is that his soul had been summoned by kabuto through orochimarus technique "endo tensie"(or the 2nd hokages original jutsu). So how does endo tensie work? You need a matching DNA, a living vessel and the person's soul you want to revive (uchiha madara in this case). So madara got revived and he is fighting the 5 kages right now. so he cant be alive at the same time being summoned through "endo tensie". remember when orochimaru tried to summoned the 4th hokage, it didnt work because the 4ths soul is lock away in the belly of the death GOD.

    2. Uchiha Shisui - he is dead - why? danzu took his right eye and he gave his left eye to itachi before itachi took shisui's life. so he is dead.. period.

    3. all Uchiha except sasuke is dead - why? itachi killed them all. so basically every character in the story mentioned that all uchiha is dead except itachi and sasuke.

    4. Madara's brother - I think he is dead because he gave both of his eyes to madara and his life for uchiha clans sake.

    5.. Uchiha Obito - why he is not dead? lets see, the last time he was seen alive was when he gave his left eye to itachi thru RIN's medical expertise. a huge boulder pinned down obito's body including the right side of his face? there's the hint.. it didn't say that his right eye was useless or even crushed, but it was his left eye was easier to gave out.. correct? so the whole place blows out lil itachi and rin got out in time and everything went crushing down on a rubble (so this is were everybody thought that obito is dead). how can we be sure? knowing kabuto came to a great deal of ordeal looking for special DNA to revive great sets of ninjas, why he didn't find obitos body or even his DNA? he went far from getting old dna such as madara with no problem at all, dna's of kage' which is i know by far older than that in obito's time line when he was alive. I think kabuto knows who is the real masked man is.

    remember when sasuke burned madaras masked when they were inside the hideout explaining and brainwashing sasuke.. the masked guy's face is kindly wrinkly or scarred, we cant really tell. when he fought konan, his ,masked got damaged and ripped off, but with he has a left eye, he used it for IZANAGI which in return the left eye permanently closes, where did this left eye came from?, we all know that the masked guy has a lot of sharingan eyes preserve and reserve into his hide out.

    So this masked guy only have one whole into his masked and its the right side .. come to think of it.. why is he using only his right eye? and what does this masked guy has in common with itachi's left eye? they have the same jutsu, uses dimensional techniques, sadly itachi cant move form one place to another because his body alone cant take it he is not uchiha at all. (got it?) the masked guy told sasuke where the part that i think he is telling the truth when he went back in time to get all the facts and then twisted it all to brain wash sasuke. TOBI is playin a great deal of lies and he is playing it really good.. he manage to fool the whole ninja world even the whole akatsuki.. even itachi.. the best ninja ever lol.

    so here is the list of my evidences:
    1. itachis left sharingan (mangekyo "kamui")
    2. Masked guy's right eye with same jutsu as itachi's
    3. Masked Guy's right face ..wrinkles or scars?
    4. Kabuto's endo tensie reviving the real madara.
    5. OBITO's inexplicable death or the writer and creator want us to believe. hahhaha

    the type of mangekyo sharigan bet kakashi's left eye and the right eye of the masked man mangekyo's .. its the same. using same eye jutsu is enough for me to believe the masked man is obito. any pair of sharingan eyes should have the same technique who ever is the wielder.

    hahhaha.. have a good day ...

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