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Thread: Bring your own to Cheap Michael Kors Bags ufuj

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    Bring your own to Cheap Michael Kors Bags ufuj

    Is it acceptable to bring Cheap Michael Kors a personal container to a restaurant for left overs? I rarely finish my entire meal and in the interest of the environment I've often thought it would be nice if I could simply bring my own container. Would that be a code violation of some sort or would a restaurant have a problem with it?
    The Albany County Health Department tells me:
    b) Some overly cautious restaurants might be leery, for potential liability reasons, of putting food into a customer's container, the cleanliness of which they cannot verify.
    Ergo, Coach Factory Outlet Online plop your leftovers into your reusable container right at the table, and nobody can tell you not to. Who knows they might even give you a 30 cent discount for not using their throwaway containers.
    If I think of it, I do try to put a medium sized lidded container in my bag because I know I usually can (or shouldn finish Michael Kors Cheap my entree. (This week I ordered a pasta dish at a local Italian restaurant and, my god, it was enough for two extra lunches.) I prefer my own container (nice pyrex type with secure lid) because I can safely microwave in it. Also, from an environmental point of view, it cuts down on the production of plastic that often ends up in the landfill. I don ask anybody permission to scrape my own leftovers in my own container.

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