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Thread: Can't access motherboard.

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    Can't access motherboard.

    I just got a hold of an old HP Pavillion tower that originally came with Windows 98. I tinkered around with it and tried to get inside to see what I was workin' with, but I can't take certain pieces of hardware out. I can't remove the useless zip drive (who still uses those?) and I can't seem to reach the RAM cards because they're underneath all the drives. There seems to be a big metal bracket thing that I can't remove that is blocking my path to the motherboard. I can pull the power supply and both CD drives. My goal is to try to make it in to a more powerful machine. It's already got Win XP installed--I suppose it came like that. But, I wanna add another hard drive and put more Ram in there. Is there any way I can access the motherboard without having to go all wrecking ball on the tower?

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    Re: Can't access motherboard.

    if it came with Win98 originally, its most likely not worth upgrading (financially), as the old parts, especially Ram, are prohibitively expensive. Then you add on the fact that its an HP system, so the MoBo is propitiatory.

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    Re: Can't access motherboard.

    Aceman is right. If it came with Win98 originally, it's not worth upgrading. If you want to see what's in there and can't open it the "easy way", grab an angle grinder.

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