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Thread: GIMP and photoshop question

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    GIMP and photoshop question

    hiya. ok im a GIMP user. and one of the reasons why i love GIMP is because of it is compatible with many of photoshops features( as in brushes, etc.) now my question is How do i convert photoshop .pat to GIMP .pat?
    i know there is some tool that will let me open the photoshop .pat in GIMP as an image where i can save it as a GIMP .pat.

    could u guys give me step by step instructions on how to. thank you so much to whoever.

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    Re: GIMP and photoshop question

    Image editing programs don't encode saved files differently unless the format they're being saved in is propitiatory like PhotoShops PSD (PhotoShop Document), and PAT (or Pattern File) is a generic cross platform format used for Textured Patterns that can be used by most image editing suites like Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Corel Paint Shop Pro.

    If GIMP can't open PAT files then there's something wrong with your GIMP install.

    My suggestion is to Open the PAT file, save it as a Bitmap (BMP) or PNG file (Both are LossLess formats, and will give you the best image quality), then open it up in GIMP and just define it as a pattern.

    Also, if you have access to Photoshop, you should use that over GIMP, GIMP isn't as feature rich or powerful as Photoshop is.

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