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Thread: Gimp problem

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    Gimp problem

    I know that some of you guys use Gimp, so i thought that you guys may help me on this problem that i have with Gimp. My problem is that everytime i am going to use the text box Gimp freezes up and closes by itself. I have been searching the net to find a solution, but so far i have found nothing. Has anyone of you have had this problem before? If so ,how did you fix it? By the way i am using Gimp 2.2. Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Re: Gimp problem

    I haven't had this problem before with text, but it did do that to me once or twice randomly though.

    Maybe try just unintalling it and re installing it again?

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    Re: Gimp problem

    Read this:Text Issues

    It basically says that the earlier text layout library in Gimp can't handle poorly coded & mapped fonts. These are usually poorly coded home-made fonts, foreign language fonts, or uber-artsy fonts that were never meant for direct text input. Gimp can't recognize them as fonts, or won’t make the correlation between your font to the Unicode.

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    Re: Gimp problem

    Make sure you are not running alot of different programs. This could slow your cputer down. This also can cause lagging and freeze up issues

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