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Thread: Good anti-virus programs?

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    Good anti-virus programs?

    I used to get AVG's anti-virus software for free being a student of my university. But ever since they had a new contract they used another company called Avira and their free program gave me popups and stuff which I don't want.

    Does anyone know of any good anti-virus programs (free or not)?? Preferably free of course, and no pop ups or hogs the system's resources.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Good anti-virus programs?

    umm im not sure if this is much help and i think its free
    Norton Anti Virus i think its called
    Maybe you shoulld try that out

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    Re: Good anti-virus programs?

    I've heard mixed reviews about Norton. I've heard a couple of times it's good, one even saying it's really good, however most say it takes up too much oomph out of your computer, taking up too much of the CPU's maximum working potential. If you've got a strong rig & don't play too many games, it might do alright...

    I must admit, I am curious about what this topic turns up. I haven't been able to play online for almost a year, ever since a virus hit my computer hard. I have anti-virus now, Trend Micro Internet security which seems to do alright. I had Zone Alarm before the virus hit, which expired shortly before the attack. That did alright, it let my rig play Battlefields 2 & 2142 online, but as soon as it expired, it let the virus through & picked it up during a scan, deleting the Windows Start up file it was hiding in.

    I think that's the most help I can be for now. I'm curious to see what else comes up...

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    Re: Good anti-virus programs?

    I use ewido on my system at home, my school uses Sophos, and my friend uses Norton but says that it is slow. By the way, here's a list of some free servises and stuff talking about ewido! ewido Networks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Re: Good anti-virus programs?

    Kaspersky is suppose to be the most effective anti-virus software available according to several reviews etc.
    Mcafee en Avast would be decent follow ups. Those three all require you to buy them tho.

    In case you didnt know, theres also a free version of AVG, bit more limited and no internet security thingy but decent nonetheless.
    Then theres this thing called luke filewalker or something (no kidding), my classmates use it. its free to i think.

    Like mentioned above i can't really recommend Norton, my father has the internet security package installed on his pc and it severly slows it down. The program uses around 100-300mb of memory constantly because of all its different services running in the background. It also increases windows boot-up times dramaticly. At that point you wont care anymore how effective it is when you're running an older pc, its to much of a hog. (and my old mans rig is pretty decent) oh btw Norton defo aint free ^^

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    Re: Good anti-virus programs?


    And no, it's not free at all. And it sux like AOL.

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    Re: Good anti-virus programs?

    McAfee isn't a good virus program to use. I had it once and it allowed a horrid virus onto my computer and completely messed it up. McAfee doesn't even do an automatic virus scan for your computer. It isn't that good. We have Trend Micro Internet Security at my house and it is pretty good except that it allows the virus to get onto your computer, pops up a little notice at least 15 billion times saying that your browser is redirecting to another site. It takes a few days to actually get rid of the virus.

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    Re: Good anti-virus programs?

    I just got the newest version of Norton and OMG it works. I have never been attacked. And if you like to buy stuff on the net, *cough* watch some things on sites, then It's the best because it tells you if it has bugs, or harmful things for your Comp. And if your shopping, it tells you if it's not a scam.

    Go with Norton Anti-Virus 360
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