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Thread: Installing WoW on linux

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    Installing WoW on linux

    If you saw this gallery entry, you saw that I have WoW running in Linux,

    This took me a long time to finally get everything working, so here's how I did it.

    Do this at your own risk, AnimeOnline, or myself is not responsable for any damage resulting from following this guide.

    This How-To assumes you are A) Dual Booting both Windows and Linux and have WoW installed on Windows, B) Have a nVidia Card (should work with ati if you substitute the driver files), and C) Are useing Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid

    Step one: Once you have Ubuntu installed (that part you have to do on your own), you need to update the system fully (Go to system>administration>update manager), reboot, then follow these steps:

    1. Go to Synaptic Package Manager (System>Administration) and click on Base System (Multiverse) on the left side, and mark linux-restricted-modules-2.6.27-3-rt, mark it for installation, search msttcorefonts, mark it, search linux-source-2.6.27, mark it, then click apply. What this will do is install the kernal needed to use the nvidia beta 108.6 drivers, and install the Microsoft Base Fonts for use with Wine (A windows application emulator). It will then prompt you to reboot.

    2. Once rebooted, you have to rearrange those fonts we installed. Open up a terminal window (Applications>Accesories) and put in the following text and let it run its cource.
    sudo fc-cache -f -v
    3. Go to (LINK CLICK ME) and download the nVidia driver and move it to your home folder (Places>Home Folder)

    4. Print or write the following instructions out, as you will not have a GUI to read them

    Press CTRL+ALT+F1, this will close xServer (Your gui), it will ask you to sign in, so enter your username, then your password

    next type to stop the xServer service, allowing you to install the driver
    sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop
    Next type, this will list what files and folders are in your home folder, you should see the name of the driver listed there (thats L S typed out there)
    Next type, Make sure its typed exactly, and follow the on screen instructions during the driver install, and it will ask you to rebuild a kernal, click yes to that, and click yes when it asks to reconfigure your xconfig file, otherwise you just borked your Ubuntu install and you're screwed.
    sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.06-pkg1.run
    Next type, this will restart your xServer and your GUI will return
    sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start
    Once you're back in Ubuntu, go to Applications>System Tools>nVidia xServer Settings and configure away.

    5. Your system is all prepped to install Wine and get WoW going. I originally followed this guide to install wow, but I couldn't get everything working just right, so I went to this site: PlayOnLinux and followed their instructions, and their package configured everything for me and I had no problems.

    The easiest way to install wow is to just copy your WoW folder directly from Windows (your C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft folder), that way everything you have added on or configured is preserved and you can get going right away. Just browse to your Wine program files folder (Places>Home Folder, press CTRL+H to unhide hidden files/folders, open .wine/drive_c/Program Files) and copy your World of Warcraft folder there. (Keep in mind this will take a long time, if your like me, your wow folder is in excess of 20 gigs, since I have an in game music player that requires the music files to be in the WoW folder).

    To add WoW to Wine, click Applications>Wine>Configure Wine and then click the Applications Tab that pops up, click Add, and browse to your wine program files folder and add WoW.exe, next, click the Audio tab and it will prompt you that you do not have an audio driver selected, it will then choose one for you, use that one as it works the best (ALSA)

    7. The following steps are little tweaks that will get wow running perfectly.

    The first is required for wow to run at all. Browse to .wine/drive_c/Program Files/World of Warcraft/WTF and open config.wtf in a text editor (Applications>Accessories/Text Editor), then add the following to the bottom of the file
    SET gxApi "opengl"
    That will run WoW in OpenGL

    If you experience poor performance, graphical glitches, or the game does not run at all, then add the following options as well:
    SET ffxDeath "0"
    SET ffxGlow "0"
    Note that disabling ffxGlow may also enable antialiasing for some users.

    If you experience a problem with missing character and object models, and/or the login windows background is black, add:
    SET M2UseShaders "0"
    If you experience stuttering, bad sound or no sound what so ever, then add the following options as well:
    SET Sound_SoundOutputSystem "1"
    SET Sound_SoundBufferSize "150"
    8. Tweaking the registry, this little tweak can dramaticly boost framerates for some users, but not all. For some this worked Pre-Patch 3.0.3, but not afterwords.

    Open a Terminal window, and type Regedit, this will open a registry editing window for Wine

    Find this key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\

    Highlight the wine folder in the left hand pane by clicking left on it. The icon should change to an open folder

    Right-click on the wine folder and select [NEW] then [KEY]

    Replace the text New Key #1 with OpenGL

    Right-click in the right hand pane and select [NEW] then [String Value]

    Replace New Value #1 with DisabledExtensions (Notice it's case sensitive!)

    Then double click anywhere on the line, a dialog box will open.

    In the value field type GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object

    9. The following will add a Gnome icon for wow

    Open a terminal and enter following commands line by line
    wget http://kde-files.org/CONTENT/content-files/41569-wow-icon-scalable.svg -O WoW.svg
    sudo mv WoW.svg /usr/share/pixmaps/
    gksudo gedit /usr/share/applications/wow.desktop
    That will open a text editor window, add the following, replaceing <username> with your own username
    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=World of Warcraft
    Exec=wine /home/<username>/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/World\ of\ Warcraft/WoW.exe
    And thats it, everything should be working, if not, you just wasted about 2-5 hours. one of the benifits of having wow installed in two locations is you can use one to play on Private servers with out having to edit the one you use to play on official ones.

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    Re: Installing WoW on linux

    Thanks for your comment. A friend of mine was experimenting issues with Wow in his Unix computer. With your advices, I will help him.

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