I have to agree with you. I don't play PC games because I'm just a console man myself. I just don't find PC games comfortable/fun to play. But I do have friends who have bought a PS3 because they can get versions of the same PC games they would be buying and don't have to sink the money into more hardware. That, and it's another Linux box in the house he can play with. They really see no difference (besides price) between the two for what they play. And no, he wasn't playing Oblivion.

Just to let you know what my state college I work for tells students what they need for word processing, they were told for Word 97/Word Perfect 7 they needed a minimum of a PII 400 with 256 Meg of ram. A PIII would be much better. I about fell out of my chair. I was doing the same work with a P1. Yeah, it's nice when you have a machine that just 'pops up' the program but I would not say it's REQUIRED to use them! Mind you, this was 7 years ago too.

I'm glad she got a screaming machine out of it. Personally, I love the onset of Vista. I'm starting to find great computers at the local thrift stores for great prices. I still can't believe I turned down a P4 2.3 gig with 256 DDR ram and a 30 gig hard drive for $35 because it was too expensive. Just goes to show you how much of a commodity computers have become.