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Thread: Need help with mkv files

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    Need help with mkv files

    been attempting to make amvs for a while now. and i've have a lot of mkv files stored on my computer. i was wondering how to convert them to other formats like avi and mp4.

    what i have been doing in the past was opening the mkv files in windows movie maker. ( i have the codecs needed to play mkv files). then would publish the video as an wmv. but this method takes too long, doesn't allow me to select english audio or subtitles, and doesn't work sometimes.

    i actually ask this question only because one video wouldn't convert thats vital to my amv im working on.

    so what programs do i need.
    and could i have step by step instructions.

    i have mkvtoolnix and mkvextractGUI as well. i know how to extract audio and video, but i don't know what to do next. i also have virtualdubmod, but don't know how to use it.

    thank you to anyone who helps.

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    Re: Need help with mkv files

    well, if you're making AMV's, what language track and subtitle you use is useless, since you won't be using either in the video (especially subtitles).

    Save yourself some space by just extracting the video, if you need to know what is being said in the video for reference, just have it being played back in a media player.

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