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    Networking help

    Router Name-- network Rip--Subnet mask--ip addressing

    hq FA0/0 /27 -

    branch1 FA0/0 /28 -

    branch1 FA0/1 /28 -

    branch2 FA0/0 /28 -

    branch2 FA0/1 /28 -

    branch1 to hq /30 -

    branch2 to hq /30 -

    ================================================== =
    Im using the network

    This is the topology i keep trying to use in a lab, and i cant get the damn thing to work, but it looks like it would. I'm using the /30 for just 2 hosts on the serial links right. An I'm using the /28 for the branches because it can hold 14 hosts, and I'm using the /27 subnet because Hq has 20 hosts and it can hold i think 25 hosts.

    Network Topology
    Branches 1 and 2 have 10 hosts per fastethernet connection.
    Branches 1 and 2 have 2 hosts per serial connection. "gateway dce on itself and dte on the Hq router"
    Hq has only dte connection from branches 1 and 2, and has its own fastethernet connection.

    In my mind this works perfectly when i put it on my packet tracer all the lights turn green and i can ping every device from all directions, but when i try and check my results on the Lab itself Its saying its now right. Anyways for those people out there that use packet tracer to do actual work or lab work, here's the packet tracer included. Tell me what I'm doing wrong.

    I think maybe I'm putting in the wrong host number on each one, but it also says that my subnet masks are wrong!! But it all works, so either the tracer is corrupt or I'm totally messing it all up.
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