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Thread: Online Radio

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    Online Radio

    Is there a way to record music from online Radio channels?
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    Re: Online Radio

    Depends...well...it isn't professional or anything. But anything that comes out of your speakers or a normal headphone jack you can record. Thanks to Windows' Sound Recorder.
    Basically what I do is take a sound cable, that looks like the ones you use for headphones, and get one that has "male" ends on both sides. Go to the Source or radioshack or some other electronics store or something. Or do it the cheaply and go to the dollar store and buy two cheap headphones, chop off the earphones and attach the cable to each other. Seal it with electrical tape or something if you want.
    Now take it and attach it to the sound output and the microphone jack on the back of your computer.
    Next, open up the radio station that your listening to, (you wont hear it through your normal speakers so if you have a portable radio or something listen through that), and open up Sound Recorder (START > All Programs > Accesories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder).
    To get the recording to last over 60 seconds, record a full 60 seconds of whatever and then go to Effects > Decrease speed, this will double the length of your rerecording (60 -> 120...120 -> 240...etc).
    Go go to the start of the file and start and stop the recording when you wish.
    Edit the recording using the seek methods and using EDIT > Delete After Selection and Delete Before Selection.
    Save the file in a *.wav format. Yes it's the largest size known to man but hey, you asked if it could be done and not what file type.
    And there you have it. And why do I know about this, well, lets just say I have no life and that I have expirimented.

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