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Thread: Phone/USB Cable

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    Phone/USB Cable

    I have a disk from Motorola phone tools, and i use it to transfer pictures from my razr to my comp. But it wont work now. I tried it, and it says invalid register key. Then it has a mini phone screen and says "initializing modem please wait.." for about 5 hrs or more.

    Can some one help me please?
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: Phone/USB Cable

    I don't want you to feel like know one heard you so I am going to reply and let you know that I can't help you but maybe if you check around on the internet itself maybe someone out in the BIG WORLD might know what the solution to your problem is. SORRY!

    Alrite I did some looking around for you and if this helps I'd love for you to Click that little button over there >>>> that says thanks lol

    -but here is a site that might have your solution Phone/Cable Solutions Hopefully

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