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Thread: Problems w/ Invisionfree & Zetaboards

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    Problems w/ Invisionfree & Zetaboards

    Ok, so I have quite a few problems to ask for help around here.

    1. I am a Global Moderator for Bww2 forums and for quite sometime now our boards have grown so much, that invisionfree is not showing new members in the board statistics despite the fact we are getting around 100+ new members a day. After some research it seems that invisionfree is not capable of registering anything higher than 65,535 members which I am SURE that our board has more than that amount of members. But, that's only the start of our Staff's problem.

    2. Since invisionfree stops at 65,535 members the staff has noticed that we are getting literally "ghost" members. We have several members, who registered after the 65,535 mark show up under these "ghost" accounts. So far we caught 2 of those types of accounts dreamsphere and Lizzi3 Is there a way to reduce our members or clear away this glitch?

    3. Under the same problem when we try warning members we are often taken to another page which usually ends up in the 2 ghost accounts. And even when we manually search the member and warn them, that warning goes into another account.

    4. Another problem we are having is that some accounts that have been banned the punishments are not lifting off. Even when the mods manually decrease the warning level. Some have PMed us saying that the date that their accounts was officially off from the banment passed and yet they still can't access the board.
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