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Thread: Radeon HD 2400 PRO vid card issue

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    Question Radeon HD 2400 PRO vid card issue

    got a ATI radeon HD 2400 pro video card from a friend today. I hooked it up and everything and installed the drivers but there's a problem that has completely stumped me.

    The card does not display in the device manager even when I install the drivers. I made sure the card was secure in the slot and still no notification that it was detected. There is no pin slot for a power supply and I checked if it was indeed recieving power (fan spin.) And yet no driver in the device manager. I'm running a 250W power supply and it requires 300. Although i'm positive it can squeeze out and extra 50W. I also checked if a connecter was on the motherboard but there wasn't any. i'm stumped as to what I should do
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    Re: Radeon HD 2400 PRO vid card issue

    Before you take out your old card, you need to first either disable or uninstall (Reccomended that you uninstall) the old graphics driver. Then shut your computer down and install the new card.

    Restart your system, windows will then use the default graphics driver until you install the newest driver for your card (Which can be found here: Drivers & Software)

    Then go out and buy yourself a new nVidia card, because the 2400 HD Pro is old and slow.

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