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Thread: A save IE6 petition? WTF

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    A save IE6 petition? WTF

    ok, found this site SaveIE6: Help us save the best browser around

    First, a disclaimer, DO NOT USE IE6, hell, don't use Internet explorer at all, it is a huge security risk for your computer because Microsoft no longer supports it or develops hot fixes for it to fix vulnerabilities. You use IE6, You have Spyware, Adware, and are at high risk for viruses, simple as that. Not to mention that Internet Explorer regardless of its version, its tightly woven into how your computer operates, and lowering the version you use opens up stability and security issues

    But WTF?

    They claim that even though its been around since 2001, its still a powerful and versatile browser. They claim that its faster then the latest Opera, safari, firefox and IE8.

    Back when I was using IE6, this was back when I was 18, I switched to Mozilla, then to Firefox. I noticed a HUGE improvement in speed. It was insane how much faster everything was, and then I got into tabbed browsing, and I just never went back, I tried IE7 for a bit when they brought tabbed browsing in, but it was still slow and clunky.

    And then I went to college for web design. One of my basic HTML classes, they had us reconstruct a website from a screenshot of a website.

    I did it, and it looked perfect in Firefox, Safari (Back when it was just for Mac), Opera, and then I tried it on IE6, and BAM, it looked effed up.

    This save ie6 site says its goals are to get the W3C standards changed so it fits IE6. As a person who's trained in web design, I have to say that some of the convoluted tricks and work-arounds you have to use to get a website to look right in IE6 is insane.

    The W3C standards are around for one thing: To make one universal standard all websites are designed by, and all browsers follow, so that all users have the same web experience on any browser and operating system. That is a very good thing, and its slowly happening. While the differences are getting fewer and fewer everyday, a website will look different in every browser, and even for the same browser if you change OS.

    And they want to go back to the good old days when IE6 didn't interpret CSS properly and displayed transparent PNG files incorrectly, and ran like a overweight fat person.

    Your thoughts?

    End yes, I realize that this is a April fools joke, but I'm really stoned right now, and didn't read that part till I finished the post...
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    Re: A save IE6 petition? WTF

    I so hate IE!

    Its the worst browser ever. Its really annoying when you create a website that you have to add extra properties just for things to show in IE. Its a pain in the ass!

    Please I've noticed that pages load a HELL of a lot SLOWER than it does in Firefox or Opera.

    any way... my little rant is over....
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    Re: A save IE6 petition? WTF

    You were had, Ace!
    Nicely made page.

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