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Thread: Slow computer...

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    Re: Slow computer...

    See the biggest problem is your sister is going onto Myspace. Most people do not realize it but Myspace has a bunch of profiles set up so once you visit their pics or what not their is malicious software installed onto your computer. This malicious does anything from recording every key stroke you do to recording every website you visit and sends back to the host. I wouldn't use Myspace unless you all real friends and know the person.

    Like others said you should run Adware pro along with Spybot: Search and Destroy.

    Another thing you can do is change what programs you have running. If your running windows:
    1. Click start
    2. Click run
    3. Type "msconfig" in the open field
    4. Go to the startup tab.
    5. Click on the programs you do not want to run by clicking on the check box.
    6. Click on the Ok button.
    7. You will have to restart your computer after doing so.

    Any more problems let me know.
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    Re: Slow computer...

    Myspace has no problems lol... most of the problems would be with downloading, if Myspace had trojans and viruses embeded with their pictures everyone on the net would be infected heh.


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    Re: Slow computer...

    Well, as a pc tech, I've seen this scenario many times before. Here's a list of things to try, as mentioned from above.

    1. Remove any unnecessary software using control panel.
    2. Run msconfig as state above
    3. Defrag
    4. Run windows cleanup
    5. Run a registry cleaner as well
    6. Download and run Microsoft's Malicious Software removal tool
    7. Run Hijackthis to detect malicious software undeteced by 90% of spyware scanners out there.
    8. Run windows memory test(do this if you get blue screens)

    ^_^ There are tons more but...those are what I would start with.


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    Re: Slow computer...

    First off I would recommend turning off all messenger, download programs etc, after doing a restart of the machine, going to start>run>cmd>netstat. The list that shows up will have a number of headings the first being 'proto.' Under the 'proto' heading it will say 'TCP' or it should. Each time that 'TCP' is listed is another connection to the internet that your computer is running, with windows XP, you don't want to see any more than about 3 of them.

    If there are a lot more than that you are infected. I recommend doing some online virus scans specifically at support.f-secure.com and housecall.trendmicro.com and then trying the netstat command again If anything will remove these infections it's these scanners. If you're still having issues, you may want to try a system restore or simply taking it in to a technician for more work.
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