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Thread: Speech recognition in windows vista

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    Speech recognition in windows vista

    I just started using speech recognition on my computer. I composed this entire post using the speech recognition in Windows Vista. And I have to say it's pretty fun. But it can be a bit annoying at times but you get used to it. That is if you can get used too tediousness

    You just have to teach the computer how to recognize your voice. This is done by a following the tutorial when that originally feting up the speech recognition. You'll also have the ability to teach the computer by reading off a few sentences in the configuration menu.

    Although I did find that it doesn't want to dictate all the time into the post box on the site (this could also be the fact that I use Firefox and not IE), so what I did is I opened notepad and started talking to the computer and I composed the post.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else on the web site here is using this feature in Windows Vista.

    I just hope of that I can teach this computer to listen to what I want it to do. At least the computer will eventually learn how to recognize my voice.


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    Re: Speech recognition in windows vista

    It's funny, b/c as i read the post, i notice things that the computer must have messed up on (for instance, "too" instead of "to") and thought it was amusing.

    so are you saying that you are trying to get it to turn on with your voice? thats kinda cool. i really am in the darknes-ish about Vista, and really am unsure of getting the newer OS.

    if vista typed your entire post with word recognition, i suppose it is pretty nifty. you could just say a report, then go back through and fix all the little grammatical errors. did you have to purchase any specialised programs, or does Vista come with it already?

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