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Thread: AT&T Declairs war on Anonymous by Blocking 4chan's /b/ & /r9k/

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    AT&T Declairs war on Anonymous by Blocking 4chan's /b/ & /r9k/

    Wow, AT&T could not have found a more volatile group of people to mess with, but they have gone and done it. These are the people who got moot voted the most influential person of 2008 for Pete's sake! The people who got thousands to protest Scientology! The people who helped police put a pedophile behind bars!

    Whats going is, apparently, due to the recent DDoS attacks on 4chan in the last couple months, AT&T has blocked access to specific parts of 4chan (/b/ and /r9k/) to their DSL users (Their wireless users are unaffected).

    That is a HUGE chunk of internet users, considering that AT&T DSL is the largest ISP in the States with 15% of all internet users.

    This is probably the largest issue this year concerning the internet, and is most likely the start of the war of net neutrality.

    Personally, I'm shocked an appalled by this. I'm a huge supporter of Freedom of Speech and Expression, and this incident is Blatant Censorship in its worst form.

    Read more about it here: 4chan Status

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    Re: AT&T Declairs war on Anonymous by Blocking 4chan's /b/ & /r9k/

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Apparently, service has been restored...

    DailyTech - AT&T Temporarily Blocks Internet Customers' Access to 4chan Message Boards

    AT&T spokesman Michael Coe told CNET News in an e-mailed statement that a denial-of-service attack was what stemmed the temporary block of 4chan traffic and that it has since been restored. "Beginning Friday, an AT&T customer was impacted by a denial-of-service attack stemming from IP addresses connected to img.4chan.org," Coe wrote. "To prevent this attack from disrupting service for the impacted AT&T customer, and to prevent the attack from spreading to impact our other customers, AT&T temporarily blocked access to the IP addresses in question for our customers. This action was in no way related to the content at img.4chan.org; our focus was on protecting our customers from malicious traffic."

    "Overnight Sunday, after we determined the denial-of-service threat no longer existed, AT&T removed the block on the IP addresses in question," the AT&T statement continued. "We will continue to monitor for denial-of-service activity and any malicious traffic to protect our customers."
    AT&T said to block 4chan; pranksters fight back | The Social - CNET News
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