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Thread: There is no place like

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    There is no place like

    Hey everone,

    Have you ever found your self fed up with those stupid adds on websites that make noise and flash when your trying to read somthing?

    Well I know I have and here is an easy solution.

    This text document called the "hosts" file is full of all the addresses known to be used to adware, spyware, and add sense. And what the host file does is block them.

    First down load this
    Hosts File

    Next, you install
    if you have
    Windows XP = put the file in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC
    Win 98/ME = C:\WINDOWS

    and bam! your done, say good bye to those anoying ads.

    -few things
    Back up your origional Host file
    All the adds will show up with a DNS error instead of the actuall content. That Includes pop ups. So It also works as a popup... disabler i guess you could say

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    Re: There is no place like

    Is there a link to the original website? I want to investigate this more.

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    Re: There is no place like

    I suggest not downloading that file at all. Microsoft warns that searching the hosts file can noticeably slow down the domain name resolving and it's even so serious that they advise not having any comment lines in there.
    Plus the file is vital to some network configurations where DNS cannot be used for something, so you could kill your printer server/database server/anything with this step. I only block a few (10) most serious and dangerous ad servers and I use appropriate browser plugins instead.

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    Re: There is no place like

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Modifying the hosts file only provides a false sense of security. It only blocks the known sites that are on the list. It will do nothing to stop embedded flash popups, direct reference to IP address URLs, DNS aliases, peer to peer trojan transfers via IRC and bittorrent, etc. etc.

    Some of the better Internet Firewall products do a better job at this by having a dynamic upgradeable list of blocked sites, that are updated on a daily to weekly basis...
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    Re: There is no place like

    Thats not true. The host file I posted has over 10000 known sites. Ive used this for about 3 months and have had nothing but good come out of it. Ive had it stop embeded flash. And for the other stuff I just use AVG.

    Your acting like I think this is gonna stop everything, its not. Its supose to help out a little. Only and Idiot would rely on the loopback to protect them.

    Plenty of the people who I have showed this too have been satisfied.

    so Grumble^3 right back at you.

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    Re: There is no place like

    My Kaspersky went crazy when I dled the file... just go buy GhostSurf it comes with a hoster and its fast so...


    I'm on my grind in search to find whats on my mind, its one of a kind!

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