Well, my friends, i buy a new laptop with Windows vista home premium pre-installed. I think on downgrade to XP but i break my free service and support. And in this days both are very usefull things when we speak of brand-new-laptops.

Ok, the first days works well. Now i have those troubles and i need to somebody explain me why and how i can fix it:

1.- When i try to use Windows defender the pc starts to use all the resources of the system, like the RAM and the processor. Then, it lag and don't have any answer. So i need to turn off and reboot.
2.- When i send an item to the trash can on the desktop the icon don't change (from a empty can to a full can).
3.- The elements of the start menu don't change. Always are the same when i start the PC. When i am working save the programs i was using. But when i turn off and start again that programs don't appear.

I hope you know how i can fix this things. Thanks for reading.