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Thread: Winamp 10th Aniversery - Verson 5.5 Released

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    Winamp 10th Aniversery - Verson 5.5 Released

    Winamp just celebrated its 10th Anniversary with the release of Winamp 5.5.

    It hosts a whole bunch of new features:
    • Even more Improved support for Media devices, especially the iPod
    • Auto Media Tagger with web update
    • Album Art (About Effing Time)
    • Winamp Remote (Stream Music across the net, or to your Gaming Consoles like the Wii, 360 or PS3)
    • Control winamp from the web with the Winamp Toolbar
    • Complete User interface revamp with a new Skin called Bento

    For those of you who are thinking that Winamp is starting to sound alot like iTunes, fear not, Winamp on my computer with a media library of over 4000 songs loaded all with Album art work loaded, only takes up 8mb of ram. So you get all the nice Eye candy and features that other players have that Winamp has lacked for years, with none of the Ram Hogging.

    I personally like the New Bento skin. Its a nice departure from the Modern Skin that shipped with the first release of Winamp 5. All the separate windows (Play list, Media library, visualizer/video) are all combined into one window.
    My only beef is I wasn't able to find the Equalizer right away (Had to switch to a different skin to get access to it.). Bento also has a Little window that Appears and disappears that tells you what songs playing with album art with every song with next to no hit on system resources (I'm not sure if you can turn it off, I'm sure you can, but I'm not going too, I like it.)

    All in all, this new version is looking very good and well refined. Perhaps AOL buying Nullsoft wasn't such a bad thing after all...

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    Re: Winamp 10th Aniversery - Verson 5.5 Released

    I just down loaded it for my self defiantly worth it.But the one thing i liked right away was the pop up window telling you the song/the album as well how long it is.Also how it stays active when your using a web browser.A great improvement over the older winapms.
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    Re: Winamp 10th Aniversery - Verson 5.5 Released

    I got this a few days ago and I am loving it. Most of the new features it has you could have gotten by downloading the plugins from the site but now it comes all together. And the new skin is amazing it fell in perfectly with my new desktop theme and didn't take me forever to find a good skin. I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

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    Re: Winamp 10th Aniversery - Verson 5.5 Released

    Yeah, been using winamp for a very very long time and it is still my choice for listening to music. The hotkeys are simple to use, the streaming video and radio stations are awesome. Weird that Winamp hasn't told me to update...


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