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Thread: Windows 7 - A Beta Review

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    Windows 7 - A Beta Review

    I got my hands on the Windows Seven beta (Through official channels)...

    And I have to say: Wow. The new operating system at first looks like a redressing of Windows vista, but that's where the similarities end.

    I'll start with the installation: It took 10 minutes. That should be an indicator to those who have installed Vista from scratch, which takes almost 30 minutes to install, even when it was back in beta builds (I was in the official beta for vista before it went public as well).

    When it finally got time for you to use the new OS, the set up when you first get into it was streamlined and extremely easy, even more so then Vista, had a whole Linux Ubuntu vibe to it. It automatically used reasonably updated drivers for my Video and wireless cards, and gave an option to connect to a wireless network right away, something even a service pack 1 slip streamed copy of Windows Vista can't do.

    The new desktop interface will have fans of OSX screaming: CLONE!

    Lets face it, the task bar functions pretty much like a dock... only much better (IMHO) and with a start button and system tray. Gone is the traditional task pain with the buttons for each application with the name next to it. What you get is just the icon for the given application, and if you have more then one of the same app open, you see a little bar next to it. When you click that button, a smaller window (similar to the app preview window from vista when you hover the mouse over the app on the task bar), pops up and you can choose which one you want to see.

    Another thing blatantly stolen from OSX is the ability to have the OS randomly change the desktop background on a timed schedule. Sweet feature, but Apple was there first.

    The overall OS runs much, much faster, boots faster then a clean install of Vista (it actually boots just about as fast as a year old install of XP).

    Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to test any games out on it, so I can't tell you about performance, and since DirectX 11 isn't even supported by any graphics cards out yet (nor are there any games out for it, even for DX10 too...), I can't tell you about that either.

    Internet Explorer 8 was installed on it. I promptly went to Mozilla.com, downloaded Firefox, and that was the end of that nonsense.

    One thing I can tell you, and this something that I've tested out on every new copy of windows thats come out since Windows 98, is that they finally fixed saving JPEGs in MSpaint! Way to go Microsoft! its only taken you over 11 years since you introduced saving JPEGs in Win98 to fix something.

    I tip my hat to you good sirs.

    Overall I'm very impressed... for once. The OS runs smooth, and fast, and I didn't have any issues with crashing or lock ups (Something that Vista was prone to a lot when it was in beta, and don't go and tell me it still does now, I've been using Vista since it launched, and I've rarely had an issue, and if it actually is doing that, then you're doing it wrong).

    I'm eagerly awaiting its release, because it looks like Microsoft actually got its act together.

    Who would have thunk it... I'm actually looking forward to a Micro$haft OS release!

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    Re: Windows 7 - A Beta Review

    Yeah, I actually agree with your review. I installed the official 7 Beta on our destkop PC. And, although I haven't checked it thoroughly I too must say that it works really smoothly, even with just 1 GB Ram and with some nice additional new features.
    They indeed copied some things from the good old Mac, but as long as that helps to improve things, I'm pretty happy with it.
    So, yeah: Good work, MS! =)
    Btw, found a really funny comic dealing with Windows 7 (I love xkcd!) : xkcd - A Webcomic
    You are now breathing manually. :P


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    Re: Windows 7 - A Beta Review

    Holy crap, they fixed the jpeg issue!? I thought that one was going to be kept till -oh I don't know- THE END OF TIME.

    Well had always planned on skipping Vista altogether and I'm glad it looks like my assumptions were correct. Vista had serious issues and I feel like they just made a new OS instead of patching and upgrading it to hell like MS usually does (if the short lifespan and the continued support for XP weren't enough indicators).

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