first!!!Cheers !!!! it's so exacting that bleach 474 did not break this week!!! and the most exacting thing is that BLEACH MANGA was updated early morning!!!

enjoy myself!!! LOL !!

Well ,come to the topic. when i read the manga, at the 6th page. i saw the chapter's title : BeLIEve???
i am confused the title. it is mean believe or be lie ve???
i review the preview pages, when URAHARA KISUKE said :He would have learned anyway, eventually.
what hidden secrets ? the Badge !
the answer we find in the next pages.

The badge?s true purpose is to observe and to restrict you! You were given your badge solely to control you,that's the true!

well ,i think it's the time to ICHIGO to think twice about this thing, not about the badge .bbut the believe between his partens/ Urahara Kisuke.

when ichigo know the true. what he will be do ?did the enemy told the lie? did he disappointed? did he believe the enemy or Urahara Kisuke ?

well , in my mind , he will believe Urahara! that will be the result!
hope to read the next chapter!!! well ,enjoy other manga in mangalist!