In bleach 476, two questions resolved.
1. Why the captains came and what will they do?
2. Ichigo?s decision and the fighting between ichigo and ginjou.

in bleach manga.The captains are going to leave, Byakuya answered to rukia: we are here just to make sure Ichigo?s decision. Here is the reason why they are here. The aim what they gave the badge to ichigo, is to allure ginjou to come out. Byakuya said: We ascertain ichigo kurisaki?s final decision. We knew that if another substitute shinigami ever showed up?sooner or later ginjou would definitely put his eyes on them. And when this happened, we would use the substitute as bait to find out gingou?s whereabouts?and we would eventually kill them both. The majority of the captains agreed on this.

In one aspect, we can get the soul society are not believe ichigo, maybe there is lesson from gingou. They let Rukia give the power to ichigo, just want to make ichigo as bait. But rukia rebelled, so they came here to make the situation formal. But Rukia believe him, she had a strong faith that ichigo would not yield to the Enemy?s temptation. Ichigo?s firmness was for Rukia, for everybody.

ichigo and ginjou's fighting, will be more hot in bleach 477.