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Thread: How high do you believe powerlevels will inflate to by the end of Bleach?

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    How high do you believe powerlevels will inflate to by the end of Bleach?

    We saw that the power levels took a massive inflation during the Arcs where Aizen started fighting to when he was defeated. In it we saw things like:

    -An incomplete Shikai attack presumably wrecking an area far above city level
    -The aftershock of casual slashes and punches creating a block-busting explosions
    -Dissolving the flesh and bone of Captains with a simple touch and destroying the Kototsu via collision
    -Vaporizing millions of cubic meters of rock from hundreds of meters away by swinging at it.
    -Aizen temporarily beating the guy who did that
    -Ichigo releasing and Mugetsu'ing the Aizen who beat the previous version of Dangai Ichigo who vaporized those millions of cubic meters of rock by swinging in its general direction

    Obviously this was a massive inflation and unprecedented power compared to the previous arc...I have a feeling that it will happen again. Although at this point Ichigo's airslashes are more powerful than his actual Getsuga Tenshous from pre-timeskip. So when the power levels inflate again...and I have a feeling they will, how ridiculously high do you believe it will be?

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    Re: How high do you believe powerlevels will inflate to by the end of Bleach?

    I really hope that the power-levels won't inflate again(which is bound to happen).
    I was one those who didn't like the god-like power-level Ichigo and Aizen reached.
    I mean Yammamoto is already OP, why make Ichigo(post dangai) and Hog Aizen 2/3 times more OP than even Yamma ??
    Anyway, i think the most destructive attack(not most powerful though) we'll see, will be Yamma's Bankai.
    Although, if the SK proves to be a bad guy, it think we'll see hax abilities like reiatsu manipulation of opponents reiatsu with no limits.
    That way, only Ichigo would be able to beat the SK, since he compresses his reiatsu.
    But in Bleach we've seen many hax abilities like time manipulation(Barragan), mind control to an extent( with Tsukishima's FB),Aizen's shikai(imagine how hax his bankai will be), the reiatsu cuffs of Urahara, the Hougyokou, Mugetsu, Soi-fon's shikai ability(2 hits-->KO,although reiatsu rules apply), Gin's Bankai ability(one hit-->KO unless he hits you in the arm or the leg or you have a hougyokou) and Kira's shikai(doubling the weight of whatever you hit and with every hit you make you can keep doubling it).

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