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Thread: If you are a shinigami

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    If you are a shinigami

    Well there is already one to arrancars so it's fair that shinigami got one also.

    Name: Seomis
    Gender: Male
    Age: ???
    Hair: short brown
    Squad: execution division (dont now if exist in the best chance affiliated with squad 2)
    Zanpakutou: a regular katana with a small skull in the hilt
    Shikai: the killer of silence (dont now japanease)
    Shikai form: the katana becomes shorter like a wakizashi and the skull turns read like blood.
    Bankai: ???
    Experties: hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, kiddou level medium, shunpo and expert in covert operations.
    Stronger points: strenght, stealth and stamina
    Weaker points: the heart (cronical condition)
    Likes: sake, a good meal, be with is friends
    Dislikes: traitors or anyone that can be a menace to SS
    Personality: calm, calculist, smiles often, observer and deadly.
    Appearance: unlike others in squad two he refuses to hide is face, because every time a target is assigned he dont survives to tell who the man was. A large scar that goes from is right eye to is lips, dark small eyes, regular appearance without much muscle and around 1.80m.

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    Re: If you are a shinigami

    (nice avatar there btw! lol ;P )

    Name: Shijima (silence)
    Gender: female
    Age: 108
    Hair: Long Silver
    Squad: 6
    Zanpakutou: Mayuzuki (crescent moon)- long curving katana
    Shikai: Mangetsu (full moon)
    Shikai form: Illumination.. I wear my Shikai as a flowing white robe that gathers reiatsu from anything touched by blood. The Shikai blade is engulfed in bright light that can cut even the strongest reiatsu. The Shikai enhances my eyesight, timing, reflex, reaction, and general fighting ability. Once wet with the enemy's blood, the blade gives insight into the enemy's motives, movements, and actions, and gives the ability of prediction and always provides wisdom and reflex for a counterattack.
    Bankai: Gesshoku (lunar eclipse) - The Shikai's abilities are enhanced, the robe turns black with red veins and becomes a tight-fitting suit with the appearance of snake-skin. In Bankai, the reiatsu gathered by the Shikai is used to consciously heal even the most fatal injuries I received, however - the cost is limited movement during the healing. The blade becomes darkness itself and with a second cut, the enemy is drawn into an inescapable black hole.
    Expertise: close range battles, stamina, wisdom, speed, prediction, negation, and counterattack.
    Stronger points: the ability to lead and to follow. An understanding of sacrifice. The ability to adapt to the enemy's fighting style and overcome it.
    Weaker points: emotions.
    Likes: nature
    Dislikes: Using Bankai.
    Personality: peaceful, sad, and quiet but unrelenting in battle. My words are few but always taken to heart.
    Appearance: mid-height, small stature, a fit, muscular body, long silver locks of hair with bangs falling just above the large, violet grey eyes. Known as a mysterious beauty.
    "No matter how gifted you are, you cannot change the world alone." L

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    Re: If you are a shinigami

    if Aizen is a good person and he is not that Ruthless,he will be the perfect shiganami in my opinion.so i want creat a shiganami like that .may be aizen will escape from ward and help the shiganami in bleach 498

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