Here's what I think just copy off deh List I made but put your own things into it. (BTW excuse my zanpaktou name i know its supposed to be japenese but I don't know any japenese) I look foward to seeing what you guys come up with

This is mine

Name: Hotei
Release: Course through their veins Leonidas (yeah I know it's a bad name)
Gender: Male
Hollow mask fragment: Part of a hollow mask covering the eye and a little of the forehead
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: the pupil will be yellow and around it is black (just like Ichigo's hollow eye)
Cero Colors: Black and Blue
Hollow hole: Below the left hand right on the wrist
Hair length: Long but not as long as Orihime's
Cero fired from: Sword
After release: Head