Bleach Manga is still ongoing!!! Bleach 474 has been released!!! Bleach 475 will be released next week!!!

This is to discuss the WEAKEST Zanpaktou EDIT: WITH A KNOWN NAME!
Both a Shikai and a Bankai
IMO The Weakest Shikai is Jirōbō Ikkanzaka's Tsunzakigarasu, (For those who dont know or dont remember; This is the Zanpaktou of the little flying things against Ishida/Orihime)
Not only is it rather impractical, but i cannot think of another shikai that would lost to that...It is almost like a dumbed down Rangiku, Very Dumbed down

and Secondly IMO The Weakest Bankai is Tosens, Which name I forgot, Whilst is a neat ability it seems awful weak in comparison to those that we've seen already. My Second Vote is Renjis Zabimaru, Whilst it is powerful, It relies on Strength alone, and a alot of Spirit Energy, It removes his Whip Style(Which is atleast suprising in sword combat) and turns into bulk strength...

So, show us your opinions~