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Thread: Your Bleach RP Character?

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    Your Bleach RP Character?

    If you do not like custom Bleach Races, DO NOT READ THIS!

    Here is mine (You can make up your own way of listing if you want)
    Name: Manabu Masa
    Race: Raifu (Custom race, Using Hollows as weapons, these weapons are called Zanto, a Secondary Zanpakto, these are very powerful but Reitsu consuming, having a Zanto means you have two Zanpakto's)
    Blood Type: Unknown
    Age: 365 Years old
    Occupation: Unknown (Noone ever knows where he goes)
    Skills: Zanpakto, Kendo, Kido, Sonido
    Zanpaktou: (Zanto) S?sa , Soyokaze (Zanpakto)
    Zanpaktou Spirits: S?sa is a fun loving kid with a hollow hole, she prefers to be called Mera and enjoys annoying Soyokaze, a intelligent, gentle but short fused boy, they both look like Lillinette's age
    Shikai Release: Revert, S?sa, Dance in pitless leaves, Soyokaze
    Bankai: Tengoku no jigoku no s?sa, Shirii Shokazesho
    Vaizard Mask: Mera
    Appearance: Fully bandages, where's a plain black top with a white circle on it, wears normal Black jeans, you cannot see the skin except from the left eye that he keeps unbandaged.
    History: The third state of Aizens Hollowfication, instead of being merged with a hollow, he blocked with his Zanpakto, duplicating the hollow inside the zanpakto, thus creating a new zanpakto, considered Aizen did not bother him again, he did not care to find him. Before he was a Raifu, he was a Shinigami working for Squad 11,

    (Any more?)
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    Re: Your Bleach RP Character?

    By all means. The board seems quite slow.
    Could use some more info. How does this race fit in with the rest of the setting, too?
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