ONE PIECE 647 Spoliers :Stop, Noah

Chapter 647 Stop, Noah

扉絵 スカイピア ラキとコニスのパンプキンカフェ名物 かぼちゃ麺
title page skypiea Laki and Conis's pumpkin cafe special pumpkin noodle

幹部達を倒した一味 喜ぶ島民達だが束の間。
The crew has defeated the heads of Neptunians, cheerful islanders. While instantly,

Noah appproaching from above. Islanders go helping Luffy.

ネプ王は人命の為なら仕方ない すまん約束は果たせぬようだジョイボーイと言う。
The King of Neptunians, for sake of his life, apologized for not keeping promise.

殴り続けるルフィに聞こえたやめろの声。しらほし『ノアはもう・・・・止まりました。』 倒れるルフィ。
Luffy continued fighting while he heard someone shout "stop!"
Shirahoshi joined to stop him.
She said [Noah has...been stopped]
Luffy fell down

Shirahoshi stoped the King of Neptunians, and talked to them.
The Neptunians said Luffy was amazing.

しらほしがルフィが島を守れるように彼の力に成りたいとシラホシが強く願ったからだと海王類は 来た。
While Shirahoshi hoped Luffy could protect the island, and tried to assist him, Neptunians came.

ノアは半壊?まではいかないけど多少壊れてる。 ノアは止まり喜ぶ島民達及び一味。
Noah was almost broken? not that bad, but got some damage.
Cheerful islanders and the crew, for the cease of Noah.

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