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Thread: One Piece 658 spoilers...

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    One Piece 658 spoilers...

    It's just spoilers.

    not confirmed.

    One Piece 658 spoilers!!! One Piece 658 Predictions and Discussions !!! One Piece 657 has been released now!!!

    3/1よりルフィ(Luffy)用(use)DLCコスチューム 武者ver(甲冑を着た姿)

    3/8よりナミ(Luffy )用(use)DLcコスチューム 着物ver(花魁風でエロい)

    新連載 パジャマな彼女 一ページ目よりパジャマ姿パンチラ確認


    笠持って寝そべってる奴 胸元全開の着物
    the cover is nami, she dress kimono?

    -not sure if t is talking about the chapter

    One Piece manga will be released next week.

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    Re: One Piece 658 spoilers...

    I can't read Japanese. is there something about the half man and giant kids?
    *sigh*one piece 658 should have been released...I hate break!

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