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Thread: only eight members in one piece for now.

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    only eight members in one piece for now.

    does anybody remember the title of one piece 489?

    if you forget, plz remide it. you will find that we make a wrong thought about one piece manga.

    as we all read one piece 649 and 648, yeah, the two chapters had told jimbe will be one of the member of straw hats. Though in chapter 649, he abstained it. but he will join them one day. but at first, all of us, sorry, maybe some of us think he will be the tenth menber, but when we read chapter 489, in this chapter, Brook join them as the 8th member, and he is the last one to join them by far. And at the first of the story, luffy had said, he wanted ten members. yeah ,all things we know now, he, did not count himself in, and there are only eight members for now, so there are two members will be join them.

    well, does someone think there will be a woman join them? i think the women's number is too little....lol.

    waiting the next chapter:one piece 650.

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    Re: only eight members in one piece for now.

    well, I'm confused now. I thought Brook is the nineth one. the straw hats has nine members now, including Luffy. I thought Luffy and Zoro are the first two members, then Brook should be the nineth, but why the title of ch.489 is the Eighth. I never pay attention for this. if Brook is the eighth one, the next one should be the nineth member! well, I'm totally confused about it. anyway, I hope Jimbe would change his mind later, maybe in one piece 650?

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